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Top Ten Longest NFL Regular Season Winning Streaks

Which NFL Teams Have Held the Longest Regular Season Winning Streaks?
Date & Time Thursday November 6, 2014, 12:00 PM (EST)
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NFL | Which NFL Teams Have Held the Longest Regular Season Winning Streaks?

This season, the longest current winning streak in the NFL stands at 5 games and belongs to the New England Patriots. You won’t see it featured on today’s top ten list, in which we’re going to take a look at the longest regular season winning streaks in league history. My boys lead off. 


1. From 2008-2009, the Indianapolis Colts won 23 games in a row. The first loss after that streak was pretty heartbreaking for Colts Nation. Fun fact: I cried in a frozen foods aisle at the local grocery.  Good times, folks. 


2. From 2006-2008, the Colts’ arch-rival New England Patriots won 21 games straight. Impressive, admittedly. And you know that as a born-and-bred Hoosier, it pains me to say that.  


3. The Patriots also hold today’s No. 3 spot with an 18 game winning streak from 2003-2004 (the last time they actually won a Super Bowl…I just felt compelled to point that out). 


4. From 1933-1934, the Chicago Bears won 17 games straight. That’s pretty darn impressive considering each season was only 10 games long. 


5. The 2004-2005 Pittsburgh Steelers won 16 games in a row. They were led by this rookie QB with a weird last name. Big Ben Roethlisberger? You might’ve heard of him sometime during the past decade.


6.  From 1971-1973, the Miami Dolphins were the winners of 16 straight regular season match-ups. They also became the only undefeated team in both the regular season, the play-offs, and the Super Bowl somewhere in there. You might be familiar with a little squad from ’72. 


(6*) 7. The 1983-1984 Miami Dolphins also won 16 regular season games in a row.


(6*) 8. During the 1941-942 seasons, the Chicago Bears also knocked-out 16 straight wins. 


(6*) 9. The 1960-1961 Los Angeles Chargers were yet another club that managed to win 16 games consecutively during regular season contests.


10. The 2010-2011 Green Bay Packers had 15 consecutive victories during the regular season. The 2010 team also brought home the Lombardi Trophy, beating the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. 


(10*) 11. From 1989-1990, the San Francisco 49ers also put-up 15 regular season Ws in a row. 

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