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Top Ten Longest Punts of the 2013 NFL Season


Ah, punters. One of the few positions we haven’t looked at stats for lately (figured I’d remedy that today.) We Naptown fans have a special place in our hearts for our boy, Pat McAfee, and his antics, but punters around the league play an integral role in the game. Today, we’ll take a look at the longest punts of the 2013 NFL season. 


1. Robert Malone, punter for the New York Jets, nailed an 84-yard punt in Week 1 last year. Props to Malone for kicking the second longest punt in Jets history. 


2. The Cincinnati Bengals' punter Kevin Huber kicked a 75-yard punt in December of the 2013 season. 


3. Brandon Fields, who punts for the Miami Dolphins, managed a 74-yard punt on December 22’s game against the Buffalo Bills. This was the third longest punt in the history of the club. 


4. Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin kicked an impressive 72-yard punt in the squad’s late-September win against the Washington Redskins. 


(4*) 5. The Carolina Panthers' punter, Brad Nortman, also kicked a 72-yard punt in 2013. Nortman’s came during the Panthers match-up against the Miami Dolphins. 


6. Donnie Jones, punter for the Philadelphia Eagles, kicked a 70-yard punt in November that helped his team seal a victory over the Washington Redskins (the ‘Skins didn’t have great luck against punters last season, it seems.)


(6*) 7. Mat McBriar, punter for Pennsylvania’s other team (that would be the Pittsburgh Steelers for those of you who failed geography), also kicked a 70-yard punt during the 2013 season. 


8. Sam Koch, the Baltimore Ravens’ punter, had a 69-yard kick during the team’s wild win against the Minnesota Vikings in December 2013. 


(8*) 9. The Seattle Seahawks’ punter, Jon Ryan, also had a season-long 69-yard punt in 2013. Ryan’s came in early September, serving as something of a harbinger for the rest of Seattle’s charmed season.


10. Steve Weatherford, who punts for the New York Giants, managed a 68-yard punt during the squad’s unfortunate 2013 campaign. This was a career long for Weatherford, so at least someone on the team set a personal best (while Eli was busy setting personal worsts.)

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