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Top Ten Longest Rushing Plays of the 2014 NFL Season


We’ve almost made it through another week, guys and gals. Today, we’re going to continue our look at last season’s rushing stats with a rundown of the longest rushing attempts of the year. There are some different names on today’s list, including a quarterback (hint: It isn’t Cam Newton). 


1. Miami Dolphins RB Lamar Miller had a 97-yard touchdown run against the New York Jets at the end of the 2014 season. Miller’s impressive run ranks third on the all-time list. 


2. San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick had a 90-yard TD run while playing the San Diego Chargers in December of last year. This ranks as the second longest in 49ers history. Not bad, Kap. 


(2*) 3. Keeping it in NorCal, Oakland Raiders RB Latavius Murray also had a 90-yard run in 2014. Murray’s came against the Kansas City Chiefs, who had not allowed a single rushing touchdown until meeting the Raiders in November.  


4. Cincinnati Bengals RB Giovani Bernard rushed for 89-yards on a single run against the Carolina Panthers during the teams’ Week 6 match-up. 


(4*) 5. St. Louis Rams RB (and former Auburn Tiger…ugh) Tre Mason also enjoyed an 89-yard touchdown run last season. Mason’s came in late November against the Oakland Raiders.  


6. Cincinnati Bengals RB Jeremy Hill had an 85-yard touchdown run against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football in 2014. Pretty impressive for a rookie, Hill. 


7. Pittsburgh Steelers RB Framed Le'Veon Bell had an 81-yard run against the Carolina Panthers in September of 2014. This ranks as the fourth longest in the Steelers’ illustrious history. 


8. Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch makes today’s list (unsurprisingly) with his 79-yard touchdown run against his NFC West division rival Arizona Cardinals in December. 


9. New York Jets RB Chris Ivory rushed for 71 yards in a single run against the Oakland Raiders. This was a career long for the veteran Ivory. 


10. Carolina Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart had a 69-yard rushing touchdown against his NFC South rival New Orleans Saints late in the 2014 season. 

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