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Top Ten Most 4th Down Attempts in 2013 (By NFL Team)


Fourth down attempts are an elusive beast in today’s NFL. Most coaches just don’t go for it regularly. Today, though, I thought we’d take a look at the teams who tried to convert on 4th the most times in 2013. You’ll note that lots of these clubs finished the season with losing records, so these numbers might scream “desperation,” but I prefer to think of them as risk takers who’ll do whatever it takes to win…or try to win, as it were. 


1. The Cleveland Browns attempted 31 4th down conversions during the 2013 season. They succeeded 45% of the time, which is an improvement on their overall winning percentage, so I guess they’ll take what they can get in northern Ohio. 


2. The Jacksonville Jaguars had 30 4th down attempts in 2013. They successfully converted 13, or 43%, of these tries. 


3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers attempted to convert on 4th down 22 times, but only managed to accomplish their goal on 8 occasions. 


4. The Cincinnati Bengals made 21 4th down conversion attempts during their 2013 campaign. They succeeded an impressive 57% of the time. 


5. The Washington Redskins tried 20 4th down conversions, but made just 6 of them, for a rather dismal 30% success rate. Sounds about right for them in 2013. Good luck, Gruden!


6. The Minnesota Vikings attempted 19 4th down conversions and succeeded over half the time, making 10 of them. 


(6*) 7. The New Orleans Saints also tried to convert on 4th down 19 times, with 9 successes. 


8. The St. Louis Rams attempted 18 4th down conversions, succeeding 33% of the time (that’s 6, for you folks who aren’t too good at math). 


9. The Tennessee Titans made 17 efforts to convert of 4th down and succeeded 11 times; that’s an exceptional 65%. At least they can be proud of one 2013 stat in Nashvegas. 


(9*) 10. The Houston Texans also tried 17 4th down conversions, but were successful on just 6 occasions, which works out to 35%. Not quite up to par with their AFC South rivals, I think it’s safe to say. 

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