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Top Ten Most 50-Yard Plus Kicks of the 2013 Season (By NFL Kicker)

After yesterday’s post about kickers, I figured we’d focus on these guys for at least a few more days. Today’s post breaks down the boys who had the ten most 50-yard plus FG attempts during the 2013 season. You’ll notice some repetitive numbers as you read, but there’s only so many times you can kick from beyond mid-field in a single year…


1. Dan Bailey, kicker for the Dallas Cowboys, made 6 of 13 FGs kicked from beyond the 50-yard line. Bailey’s longest kick of the season was 53 yards.


(1*) 2. Matt Prater, who had the longest FG of the entire NFL season with his 64-yard record breaker, also made 6 out of 7 from the 50 and beyond. Between Prater and Peyton (sounds like a 60’s folk band), the Denver Broncos should have no trouble putting numbers on the board in 2014 too. 


(1*) 3. The Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker also nailed 6 of his 13 50-yard plus attempts. Tucker’s season long was the 61-yarder we looked at yesterday.  


4. Mason Crosby, the Green Bay Packers’ kicker, hit 5 out of 12 FGs from 50 yards or more. Crosby’s longest successful kick of the season was a 57-yarder that was featured in yesterday’s post too. 


5. Caleb Sturgis, who kicks for the Miami Dolphins, hit 3 out of 10 50-yard plus attempts. Sturgis’s season long was a 54-yard kick. 


(5*) 6. Sebastian Janikowski, one of few Oakland Raiders to ever appear on my top tens (there’s always 2014 to shine, Oakland fans), also successfully made 3 of 10 50-yard plus FGs. Janikowski’s longest was a 53-yarder.


7. You might remember Graham Gano, the Carolina Panthers' kicker, from yesterday’s post. Gano made 12 attempts from 50-yards and beyond, making 6 and missing 6. 


8. Stephen Gostkowski, kicker for the New England Patriots, was called upon to kick 11 FGs from 50-yards plus last season. Gostkowski made 5 of these, the longest being 54 yards. 


9. I warned you there were some repeat stats today. These would be what I was referencing. The Buffalo Bills' Dan Carpenter made 4 of 10 attempts (including a 55-yarder) from the 50 and further in 2013. 


(9*) 10. Phil Dawson, kicker for the San Francisco 49ers, also hit 4 of his 10 50-yard plus FG attempts. 


(9*) 11. Rian Lindell, who kicks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, kicked (yup, you guessed it) 4 of 10 FGs from mid-field and beyond. Lindell’s longest successful kick of the season was 54 yards.


(9*) 12. And finally, Adam Vinatieri, the Indianapolis Colts’ well-known kicker, made 4 of his 10 attempts from 50-yards plus. Vinatieri’s season long was a 52-yarder.

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