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Top Ten Most Expensive NFL Super Bowl Ads

After yesterday’s post about the most expensive Super Bowl rings to ever hit the market, I thought we’d stay in the same ballpark and look at the most expensive Super Bowl ads ever produced. While I’m one of those strange people who actually cares more about the game than the commercials (I don’t know that I could tell you a single thing about Super Bowl XLVIII's ads), it’s mind-blowing to see some of these numbers regardless of how you feel about the big game’s commercial breaks. 


1. In 2011, Chrysler ran its first “Imported From Detroit” ad during Super Bowl XLV. The inspirational spot featured Detroit’s hometown hero Eminem and cost a whopping $12.4 million to make. 


2. Pepsi’s now-iconic 2002 Britney Spears ad, which showcased the pop singer enjoying Pepsi through the decades, was produced for $7.53 million. The spot ran during Super Bowl XXXVI.


3. Budweiser, who is perhaps more famed for their Super Bowl advertisements than any other company, spent $5.8 million on their “Delivery Truck Bridge” spot in 2010. The humorous ad was a fan favorite during Super Bowl XLIV.


4. In 2009, Audi ran their action-packed “The Chase” advertisement. The $5.6 million spot was featured during Super Bowl XLIII.


5. Coca-Cola’s $5.4 million 2008 ad featuring Family Guy’s Stewie character and Underdog (and, at the end, Charlie Brown) amused fans of all ages. The spot ran during Super Bowl XLII


6. Also in 2008, General Motors spent $5.2 on their “Robot” ad, which promoted the company’s 100,000 mile warranty. It featured the touching tale of a dejected robot’s rise to success at GM. 


7. ESPN’s 2006 “Sports Heaven” spot was created to advertise the company’s new mobile website (on a flip phone….how far we’ve come). It ran in the midst of Super Bowl XL and cost $4.8 million to make. 


8. In 2005, Cadillac’s “0-6 in Under 5 Seconds” ad aired during Super Bowl XXXIX. The $4.6 million spot showcased Caddie’s V-Series and had just a single word…”Bang.” 


9. Subway spent $4.4 million on its 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII “Make Up For Eating Bad Not Being Bad” advertisement. This isn’t a personal favorite of mine, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea a decade ago. 


10. In 2003, Reebok ran their entertaining “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” spot. The $4.2 million ad was a favorite during Super Bowl XXXVII.



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