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Top Ten Most Interceptions Thrown in 2013 (By NFL Quarterback)

Happy Hump Day, guys and gals. Just one more day until Week 3 starts. We (being NFL fans, media, and general football junkies) have already started ripping certain teams and players apart (ahem, Giants and Saints) just 2 weeks into the season. In keeping with this theme, today we’re going to look at the ten quarterbacks who threw the most interceptions during the 2013 season. Seems to be carrying over, at least in a couple of cases. Poor Eli. 


1. Last year, New York Giants QB Eli Manning threw a league-leading 27 interceptions. So far in 2014 Manning has thrown 4. In 2 games. Definitely not the start Tom Coughlin and Co. were looking for. 


2. Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco was right behind Eli with 22 interceptions during the 2013 season. Flacco has only thrown 1 (and 3 TDs) so far in 2014, fortunately for his team. 


(2*) 3. The Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer also racked-up 22 interceptions during the 2013 NFL season. Palmer hasn’t thrown any interceptions thus far in 2014, however.  


4. New York Jets QB Geno Smith had 21 interceptions in 2013. Smith isn’t off to the best start, with 2 interceptions already this year. As long as he stays ahead of Eli, I suppose that’s something…


5. Andy Dalton, whose Cincinnati Bengals still managed to make the play-offs last year, threw 20 interceptions. Dalton hasn’t had any interceptions in the first 2 games of the 2014 season and he needs to keep it that way with AJ McCarron waiting in the wings. Roll Tide (sorry, I had to.) 


6. Matthew Stafford, QB for the Detroit Lions, threw 19 interceptions over the course of the 2013 season. Stafford has thrown 1 interception so far this year.


7. Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan threw 17 interceptions during the team’s disastrous run last year. Ryan’s 2014 season isn’t off to a much better start, with 3 intercepted passes already. 


(7*) 8. Ryan Tannehill, QB for the Miami Dolphins, also had 17 interceptions in 2013. Tannehill has 2 interceptions so far this year, but at least he beat the Patriots.  


9. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Chad Henne totaled 14 interceptions during the 2013 season. Henne has thrown just 1 interception so far in 2014. 


(9*) 10. Ben Roethlisberger, whose Pittsburgh Steelers missed the play-offs and narrowly avoided a losing record in 2013, also had 14 interceptions. Thus far in 2014, Big Ben has had 2 passes intercepted. 


(9*) 11. Matt Schaub, formerly of the Houston Texans, currently backing-up Derek Carr in Oakland, also threw 14 interceptions last year, leading the Texans to a 2-14 record. This year, Schaub hasn’t played, so stats aren’t available.

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