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Top Ten Most Passing Yards Among Current NFL Quarterbacks


Last night was a late one for me. I spent a good chunk of it checking out Levi’s Stadium. You’ve got a beautiful facility, Nor Cal. Since I’m dragging today, we’re going to take it easy and look at the top ten most passing yards among current quarterbacks. Bet you can’t guess who leads off. I’ll give you a hint. He wears No. 18. 


1. Former Indianapolis Colt and current Denver Bronco, Peyton Manning, age 38, has thrown for 67,876 yards to date during his 17 year NFL career. 


2. 35 year old Drew Brees has racked-up 53,897 passing yards during his 15 years with the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. 


3. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, clocking-in at 37 years of age, has 51,541 passing yards so far. 


4. Peyton’s little brother (and two time Super Bowl winner, perhaps more importantly), the New York Giants’ Eli Manning, currently has 37,560 passing yards. The younger Manning entered the league in 2004. 


5. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, who is having a career season in 2014, has thrown for 37,168 yards during his 11 years in the NFL. 


6. 35 year old Carson Palmer, who has played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Oakland Raiders, and the Arizona Cardinals (his current team), has amassed 35,365 passing yards. Palmer is presently dealing with a knee injury that I mentioned Tuesday, so we’ll see how many more passes he ends up throwing this year. 


7. The San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers has thrown for 34,720 yards since he entered the NFL in 2004. 


8. Matt Hasselbeck, at 39 years old, has been on the rosters for the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, the Tennessee Titans, and, now, the Indianapolis Colts. Hasselbeck has 34,667 career passing yards. 


9. 34 year old Tony Romo, who has spent his entire 11 year career with the Dallas Cowboys, is currently sitting at 31,809 passing yards. 


10. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers has tallied 26,604 passing yards since he was drafted in 2005. Rodgers is 31 years old this year.

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