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Top Ten Most Punts of the 2013 NFL Season

We’ll keep our punting theme going on this Hump Day and take a look at the ten guys who punted the most times during the 2013 NFL season. While it’s nice that they can be counted upon, their teams are definitely hoping they see less action in 2014. You’ll note that all of our favorite offensive powerhouses (note my sarcasm) are featured here, starting with Jacksonville.


1. The Jags’ punter, Bryan Anger, punted 95 times (that’s just about 6 times every game…yeesh) in 2013. Anger had a total of 4,338 yards. Just imagine if Jville had managed that much yardage, ya know, on the ground. 


2. New York Giants’ punter, Steve Weatherford, punted 91 times last year, amassing 4,271 total yards. This isn’t much of a surprise given the struggles that everyone on team’s offense seemed to be facing in 2013. 


3. Sam Koch, Baltimore’s punter, punted 90 times for 4,138 yards. I tend to think Joe Flacco (not to mention Steve Smith) won’t let this happen again during the Ravens’ 2014 season. 


4. Shane Lechler, punter for the Houston Texans, punted 88 times last year. For a 2 win team, it honestly could’ve been worse. Credit where credit’s due, y’all. 


5. The Kansas City Chiefs’ punter, Dustin Colquitt, came onto the field 87 times last season. Colquitt’s yardage totaled 4,005. 


(5*) 6. Bucs punter Michael Koenan also punted 87 times during the course of the 2013 season, for 3,846 yards. 


7. Brandon Fields, the Miami Dolphins’ punter, punted for his team 85 times. Fields racked-up 4,150 yards, thanks to long punts like the 74-yarder that was mentioned yesterday


8. Marquette King, punter for the Oakland Raiders, was called upon 84 times in 2013, amassing a grand total of 4,107 yards.


(8*) 9. No surprise that the Cleveland Browns' punter, Spencer Lanning, is on today’s list. Lanning also punted 84 times and had 3,679 yards. 


(8*) 10. Sav Rocca, who punts for the Washington Redskins, is the final punter to have 84 kicks last year. Rocca’s total yardage was 3,526. No doubt the team’s new coaching staff is hoping to see less of Rocca come September.

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