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Top Ten Most Receptions in 2013 (By NFL Tight End)


We’ve spent the past few days focusing on wide receivers, but today we’re going to switch gears and start looking at tight ends (yes, I’m sorry, you’ll see Jimmy Graham’s name even more than you have been already.) As the TE position evolves (if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that in the past week and a half…), these guys have been targeted increasingly with each passing season. Below, you’ll see a list of the top ten TEs with the most catches in 2013.


1. The Saints’ Jimmy Graham (aren’t you shocked?) led the NFL’s corps of TEs with 86 receptions in 2013. 


2. Tony Gonzalez was a bright spot on a struggling Atlanta Falcons team during his final year in the NFL. Gonzalez, who paved the way for today’s TEs, had 83 catches last year. 


3. Cleveland Browns TE Jordan Cameron racked-up 80 catches during the 2013 season. Manziel, or Hoyer, or whoever the Browns’ brass decide to put under center might have to rely on Cameron even more this season since the club’s leading WR is in hot (make that scalding) water with the league. 


4. Antonio Gates, TE for the San Diego Chargers, caught 77 of Philip Rivers’s passes in 2013. 


5. The Carolina Panthers’ Greg Olsen reigned in 73 passes during his squad’s 2013 campaign.


(5*) 6. Dallas’s Jason Witten, one of my personal favorite TEs to watch, also had 77 receptions last year. Lucky for Witten, his lacerated spleen seems to have healed nicely since the 2012-2013 season.  


7. Charles Clay, TE for the Miami Dolphins, caught 69 passes last year. Not bad on a team that was more-or-less falling apart at the seams for most of the season. 


8. Martellus Bennett, Chicago’s favorite TE, hauled in 65 passes in 2013. 


(8*) 9. Julius Thomas, Peyton Manning’s (er, the Denver Broncos’) TE, also had 65 catches throughout the 2013 season. C’mon, you knew there’d be a Bronco on this list. 


10. Delanie Walker, the Tennssee Titans’ starting TE, rounds-out today’s top ten with 60 catches in 2013.

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