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Top Ten Most Total Yards From the 2014 NFL Season

With all of the changes going on around the NFL right now, I thought we’d spend this week taking a look at some things that simply aren’t going to change: the stats from the 2014 regular season. It’s always a good time to think about how trades and free agency signings will impact these numbers during the upcoming season. Today, we’re going to break down the ten teams that had the most total yardage over the course of last year. 


1. The New Orleans Saints (who couldn’t even manage to win the dismal NFC South) somehow come-in at No. 1 on today’s list with 6,582 total yards in 2014. I would wager that will change with the loss of TE Jimmy Graham (more on that later). 


2. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who have managed to ink another extension with longtime QB Ben Roethlisberger, racked-up 6,577 total yards during the 2014 NFL season. 


3. The Indianapolis Colts snag today’s No. 3 spot with 6,506 total yards. If Frank Gore and Andre Johnson show-up during the upcoming year, Indy could easily be No. 1 when we revisit this list next spring. 


4. The Denver Broncos, who will have QB Peyton Manning at the helm again, but will be missing other former key players like TE Juilus Thomas and NT Terrance Knighton, had 6,446 total yards in 2014. 


5. The Philadelphia Eagles, who are basically not the same team now that Chip Kelly has had his way with them (it would take all day just to look at all of the roster changes in Philly), had 6,348 total yards last season. 


6. The Green Bay Packers made it all the way to the NFC Championship last year after racking-up 6,178 total yards during the regular season. 


7. The Dallas Cowboys, who have managed to retain WR Dez Bryant, while losing RB DeMarco Murray to the much-changed Philadelphia Eagles, had 6,138 total yards of offense last year. 


8. The Atlanta Falcons, somewhat surprisingly, show-up on today’s list with 6,051 total yards during the 2014 season. The Falcons are under new leadership, with former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn taking over as head coach. 


9. Speaking of the Seattle Seahawks, they come-in at today’s No. 9 spot with 6,012 total yards last year. The ‘Hawks haven’t made a ton of off-season moves, but what have done has been impactful. The club re-signed RB Marshawn Lynch, who is a critical piece of their offensive puzzle, and snagged TE Jimmy Graham from The Big Easy. 


10. Last, but not least, the New York Giants, who have managed to completely confuse me so far this off-season, had 5,875 total yards during the 2014 NFL season. 

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