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Top Ten Most Touchdown Catches of 2013 (By NFL Wide Receiver)

With just 8 Sundays to go until NFL season returns and the biggest holiday of the summer (other than my birthday, of course) officially behind us, I can almost taste the fall air. As much as I love summer, there’s something about the start of September that will always get me (which might explain why I’m eating pumpkin granola for breakfast today). That aside, today’s top ten list is receiver focused again. We’re going to look at the ten guys who had the most TDs during the 2013 season. 


1. Denver wideout Demaryius Thomas made it into the end zone 14 times during the 2013 season. Thomas has talent, no doubt, but I’m gonna guess some of his success had to do with the man under center. Does the number 18 ring a bell?


2. Tony Romo connected with his favorite WR, Dez Bryant, for 13 TDs in 2013. It wasn’t enough to propel the Cowboys to a winning record, but hey, “A” for effort, guys. 


3. Calvin Johnson, unsurprisingly, had 12 TDs during the course of the 2013 season. 


(3*) 4. Chicago’s Brandon Marshall also hit the end zone 12 times in 2013, making life easier for both Josh McCown and Jay Cutler


5. Eric Decker enjoyed 11 TDs with Peyton Manning as his QB. I’m unconvinced that Decker’ll do as well with the Jets during the 2014 season, but we’ll just wait and see if he proves me wrong. 


(5*) 6. A.J. Green, one of Andy Dalton's favorite targets, had 11 TDs for the Bengals in 2013. 


7. These next 4 guys are in alphabetical order (ya know, to ensure fairness). Pittsburgh’s Jerricho Cotchery had 10 TDs for his squad in last year. 


(7*) 8. Larry Fitzgerald, one of my personal favorite players to watch each year, had 10 TDs for his Arizona Cardinals during their 2013 campaign.


(7*) 9. Marvin Jones, another Cincinnati Bengal, turned 10 of the Red Rocket’s passes into TDs in 2013. 


(7*) 10. Completing the trifecta of Broncos on this list, Wes Welker (can I just say how weird it still is for a Colts fan to watch Manning pass to Welker week in and week out?) made it into the end zone 10 times last season.

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