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Top Ten Most Valuable NFL Super Bowl Rings

A List of the Ten Most Expensive Super Bowl Rings
Date & Time Thursday May 29, 2014, 12:00 PM (EDT)
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NFL | A List of the Ten Most Expensive Super Bowl Rings

I’ve lived in Ohio for just about half a decade now and I finally made it to the one place I really care about a couple of weeks ago. Yup, you called it, the NFL Hall of Fame. The entire facility is fabulous, but I was especially fascinated by their full collection of Super Bowl rings. So…much…bling, y’all. This got me thinking about which rings have the highest value today, so we’re going to break it down in today’s top ten list. Keep in mind that these are ranked by current worth, not manufacturing price. 


1. The Super Bowl XXV ring belonging to one famed New York Giants player (does the name Lawrence Taylor ring a bell?) hit the market at $230,000. This is far more than any other NFL championship ring has fetched. Bear in mind that the player the ring belonged to can dictate market value as you continue reading through this list. 


2. Super Bowl I belonged to the Green Bay Packers (and we wonder why it’s called the Lombardi trophy). This ring is now worth a cool $100,000. It isn’t nearly as elaborate as modern rings, featuring just one center diamond, but you really can’t put a dollar amount on the history behind this one. 


3. The 2004 New England Patriots beat the Eagles by a field goal to win Super Bowl XXXIX. The white gold and diamond ring celebrating this win is one of the heaviest on this list, weighing it at 100 grams. It is currently valued at $65,000. 


4. The Colts won Indianapolis’s first Super Bowl in 2006. Their Super Bowl XLI ring is worth $60,000 and features pave diamonds, a diamond Lombardi trophy, and a sapphire horseshoe on the face. The side displays the score of the game and the word “Faith.” 


5. The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVIII by a field goal. It became the first of their back-to-back Super Bowl victories. This game’s ring, valued at $58,000, showcases the team’s 15 straight victories on the side. It’s face has two diamond Lombardi trophies and a sapphire, diamond, and ruby Patriots logo.


6. Super Bowl XLII, won by the New York Giants, was also decided by a field goal. The white gold ring from this contest is valued at $50,000. It has a pave diamond face with three raised Lombardi trophies and the Giants’ logo, also encrusted with diamonds. 


7. The 1985 Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl XX ring is worth $45,500 on the modern market. This ring features 40 diamonds on the face, some of which are arranged to depict the team’s logo. The side showcases the score of the game, the NFC logo, and the Lombardi trophy. 


8. No surprise that the ’72 Miami Dolphins’ ring is on this list (though I was honestly shocked it didn’t come in with a higher ranking). The side of this ring celebrates both the team’s undefeated season and Super Bowl VII win. The face features a single diamond surrounded by smaller precious gems. It’s valued at $45,000. 


9. The Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX, their 5th championship, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The ring from this match-up is worth $41,000 nowadays. It has diamonds in the shape of a star on the face and depictions of 5 Lombardi trophies on the side. 


10. The 1987 Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl XXII ring is worth $40,000 today. The ring is 10k gold and features diamonds and rubies in the shape of the Lombardi trophy and a football. Not half bad that selling the least valuable ring on this list could still buy you a Corvette.

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