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Top Ten Most Yards Per Game in 2013 (By NFL Team)

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working our way through some of last season’s critical stats this week. Today’s topic? Yards per game. Yards lead to touchdowns…and field goals…and those lead to wins (most of the time, except when you’re playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl), which are what really count, folks. Speaking of Super Bowl XLVIII, you won’t be shocked (promise) at who leads this top ten. 


1. Peyton Manning, his rocket arm, and his receiving corps led the Denver Broncos to gain an average of 457.3 YPG in 2013. Too bad they couldn’t get past the Legion of Boom; while offense may win games, defense does win championships, y’all. It’s a fine line. 


2. The Philadelphia Eagles averaged 417.2 YPG last year. If he can keep it up, I don’t think it’ll be long before young QB Nick Foles gets his first playoff W. 


3. The Green Bay Packers managed to rack-up an average of 400.2 YPG during their 2013 campaign. Not bad for a team that was missing QB Aaron Rodgers for about half the season and had no back-up worth writing home about. 


4. Drew Brees and the rest of theNew Orleans Saints' offense put-up an average of 399.4 YPG during the 2013 season. While it certainly wasn’t a banner year for the Saints, this number is encouraging.


5. The San Diego Chargers, thanks in large part to their end of the season surge, averaged 393.3 YPG. Let’s hope QB Philip Rivers (and his bolo tie) can manage to maintain the same level of motivation and enthusiasm as the 2014 year gets goin’. 


6. The Detroit Lions (read: WR Calvin Johnson, mostly) averaged 392.1 YPG in 2013. QB Matthew Stafford still struggles to be consistent from one game to the next; if he can get himself together, the Lions could step into the spotlight. Best of luck to Coach Caldwell. 


7. The New England Patriots, who haven’t won a Super Bowl in a decade and yet somehow remain the team to beat in the AFC East (and sometimes the entire AFC), averaged 384.5 YPG during the 2013 year.  


8. The Chicago Bears, whose normally stellar defense barely existed last year, were actually quite serviceable offensively, averaging 381.8 YPG. And that was lacking QB Jay Cutler for a looonggg time. 


9. The Washington Redskins averaged 369.7 YPG, which isn’t shabby, but it is unfortunate that there were barely any fans in the stands to watch them half the time. Let’s hope their drama dies down and their fans return en force come September. 


10. The Cincinnati Bengals averaged 368.2 YPG in 2013, which was enough to earn them a post-season berth yet again. And yet again, they managed to lose in the first week of the playoffs. Same old, same old in the Queen City. 

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