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Top Ten NFL Gifts For Dads

I promised we’d round out this week with a gift list for dear old dad and I’m not one to go back on my word. For most of us, dad (or grandpa) had a big hand in our love for the NFL and for sports in general. So there’s really no better way to show your favorite guy how much you love and appreciate him than with football themed gear.

Image removed. This would be a beer tray shaped like a football. I’m pretty sure most dads will find a six-pack worth of use for this on any given Sunday. Best part? You won’t break the bank picking one up.

Image removed. Is your dad a game day grilling extraordinaire? If he is, he probably needs this barbeque apron and chef’s hat sooner rather than later. Can’t you already see the photographs from next season? Yup, I thought so.

Image removed. I know it’s stereotypical, but doesn’t every dad need a tie in his stocking? If ties are a tradition in your family, you really can’t go wrong with this NFL shield option from Vineyard Vines. It works no matter who dad’s team is and VV is a quality brand.

Image removed. These slippers have somehow managed to blur the line between classy and game day, which is no easy feat. Trust me. I try to do it on a weekly basis. They have a classic shape, but still feature your dad’s team’s logo, so he can show his support even when he’s picking up the paper from the front lawn. Image removed. If dad could use a new wallet, I like this option. It’s modern without being over the top and it has a classic bi-fold design that he’s sure to be used to. Plus, it’s super affordable for a leather product. I also love the color for guys who aren’t crazy about conventional black. Image removed. Nobody does classic sports gear quite like these guys. I’m obsessed with this scarf and, honestly, the Colts one will probably be under the tree for my own dad this year. Perfect for playoff games, folks. Image removed. I’m willing to take a bet that your dad’s college dorm room was littered with pennants for his favorite teams. Take him back to his glory days with one of these vintage NFL styles. I think these would look great in an office…or a man cave…or a bathroom…whatever.

Image removed. If your dad has to dress-up frequently, he might not have a lot of cause to wear team gear outside of game days. These cufflinks are the perfect solution. He’ll be able to subtly show his team spirit even while he’s closing big deals. Who knows, they might even be good luck.

Image removed. Here’s the ideal add-on to the barbeque apron featured earlier in this guide. What dad doesn’t need a personalized NFL grilling spatula? The answer is that all dads need this item in their lives. Clearly.

Image removed. I feel like this would be a great gift to any dad who played football, even only at the high school level. It’s sort of sentimental, but would still look great on any office wall. It’s also pretty inexpensive, as far as personalized products go.

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