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Top Ten NFL Injuries-Week 2 Edition


With Week 2 almost in the books, save for one very important game tonight (Happy Blue Monday to my fellow Colts fans), it’s time for my weekly injury notebook. Today, we’ll take a look at the top ten worst injuries from Week 2 thus far. Remember, as per usual, “worst” is relative to the impact on the team, not necessarily the player himself. 


1. Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, who once figured to be a superstar, has been riddled by injuries for his entire NFL career thus far. The theme continued yesterday when Griffin was sidelined with an ankle injury. The odds are good that Griffin’ll be out for at least a few weeks, if not longer. While it is pretty bad for the ‘Skins to lose their starter this early in the season, I’ve been gunning for Kirk Cousins since training camp, so this could be a blessing in disguise. 


2. Vernon Davis, starting TE for the San Francisco 49ers, went down late in last night’s game with an ankle injury. The game went badly all around for San Fran, who lost after having a 17-0 lead over the Chicago Bears. Not exactly how you want to debut your new stadium to the nation. Oops. 


3. The Kansas City Chiefs have already had their share of injuries this season (barely 2 games in, just sayin’) and yesterday was no exception. Star RB Jamaal Charles left the game against the Denver Broncos with an ankle injury. If the problem proves to be serious, the Chiefs could be in trouble without him. 


4. Miami Dolphins starting RB Knowshon Moreno had a stellar debut for the team last week, rushing for 134 yards. In yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, though, Moreno was sidelined with an elbow injury just 11 minutes after kick-off. After their surprising victory over the Patriots in Week 1, the ‘Phins looked dead in the water without Moreno yesterday. Hopefully he heals soon. 


5. In more injured RB news, the San Diego Chargers’ Ryan Mathews left the field with an ankle injury yesterday as the Bolts battled to beat (successfully, I might add) the Seattle Seahawks. In the final 4 games of last season, Mathews rushed for 118 yards per match-up. On the bright side, Mathews’s back-up, Donald Brown, got lots of experience during his time with the Colts. 


6. Yesterday was just not a good day to be a big-name Redskin. WR DeSean Jackson injured his shoulder in the match-up against Jacksonville. Fans everywhere thought that Jackson would make a huge impact in Washington this season, but he’s yet to even be targeted on a pass over 15 yards. Time will tell if Jackson will actually continue to be the playmaker he was in Philly. 


7. Chicago Bears DT Jeremiah Ratliff (you may remember him better as a long-time Dallas Cowboy) suffered a concussion after halftime last night. Ratliff missed the remainder of the game, but hopefully won’t be out long. Unfortunately, however, da Bears’ D is likely to pay the price while Ratliff is gone.


8. In more Bears news, veteran CB Charles Tillman went down with a triceps injury in last night’s victory. Tillman missed half of the 2013 season due to torn triceps, so here’s hoping this isn’t the same issue all over again. As a betting woman, I wouldn’t lay my money on that, though. 


9. Jets WR Eric Decker, former target of Peyton Manning in Denver, left yesterday’s game against the Green Bay Packers with a hamstring issue and never returned. Once Decker got injured, all bets were off for the J-E-T-S, who had started off strong, but eventually lost to Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. 


10. As mentioned above, the poor 0-2 Chiefs have already been dealt a raw hand this year. Things didn’t improve for them when their starting S Eric Berry left yesterday’s game with an ankle injury. Let’s just hope it isn’t another blown Achilles. It’s starting to look like the Achilles tendon might be KC’s Achilles heel.

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