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Top Ten NFL Player Merchandise Sales of 2015


Yesterday, we took a look at the NFL teams that sold the most merchandise last year. This morning, we’re going to switch gears just a little and run through the top ten player merchandise sales right now. If you want to see this list change before the season officially begins, you better get buying. 


1. Tom Brady - For the first time in Brady’s career, he leads all player merchandise sales. Apparently scandal has its perks. 


2. Colin Kaepernick - I like Kap and all, but we’ll see if he can get the Niners back to the playoffs after a rough year. Nice to see that the fans are still showing tons of support, though. 


3. Russell Wilson - No surprise here. Wilson has proved dominant over the course of his short career and the 12th Man loves nothing more than showing support. 


4. Aaron Rodgers - Arguably (or perhaps inarguably) the best QB in the league, it’s no surprise to see Rodgers’s name on today’s list. 


5. Peyton Manning - Manning is probably still the single most popular player in football today. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m still including his name on this list after he’s hung-up his cleats for good. 


6. J.J. Watt - Need I say more? Watt is, quite possibly, the most dominant player in the entire league right now. I sure wouldn’t complain if I could get an Indy jersey with No. 99 on it. 


7. Richard Sherman - The league’s (self-described, mind you) best CB is the second Seahawk to appear on today’s top ten. Explains why Seattle was ranked so highly on yesterday’s list too. 


8. Odell Beckham, Jr. - The only WR to appear on today’s list, Beckham, Jr. made name for himself with last year’s famous one-handed catch. We’ll see if he can keep it up his second year in the pros. 


9. Marcus Mariota - Mariota hasn’t even set foot on an NFL field yet and he’s already one of the league’s most popular players (or so it would seem). I can’t wait to see if Whisenhunt chose correctly.


10. Jameis Winston - This other’s other popular rookie QB rounds-out today’s list. Winston and Mike Evans could prove to be Tampa Bay’s saviors or, well, they could not. Hurry up, Week 1. 

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