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Top Ten NFL Quarterback Ratings of 2014 (Week 4 Edition)


Now that we’re starting to get a feel for which teams are going to do what this NFL season, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at everybody’s favorite players: the QBs. Today, we’re going to look at the guys who have the top ten QBRs in the league with a quarter of the season under their belts. Save for the appearance of Tony Romo, most of these names won’t surprise you, but glaringly absent is Tom Brady, who would come in at No. 27 on this list. Had to note that, y’all. 


1. Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning leads the league (shocking, I know) with a total QBR of 85.7 4 weeks into the 2014 NFL season. 


2. Right behind No. 18, with a QBR of 82.5 is another AFC West QB, the San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers. Rivers and Co. have already managed to beat the Seahawks and I think they could go far if they can keep it up. 


3. Aaron Rodgers, once again at the helm of the Green Bay Packers after last year’s injury, has a total QBR of 82.1 thus far. Pretty par for the course with Rodgers and good for my fantasy team to boot. 


4. Tony Romo, whose presence on this list is almost as strange as Tom Brady’s absence, has a QBR of 80.8 so far this year. Could have something to do with the fact that the teams he’s beaten have fewer wins than you have fingers on one hand, but credit where credit’s due. 


5. Andrew Lucke, who recently became the first player in NFL history to have consecutive games with 370+ passing yards, four or more TD passes, a completion rate over 70%, and one or no interceptions (ignore that they were against Jacksonville and Tennessee), comes in with a QBR of 80.7. 


6.Eli Manning, whose New York Giants have gotten off to a…plodding start this season, has still managed to emerge with an 80.0 QBR at this point of the year. Let’s not forget the man shares DNA with Peyton. 


7. The Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan has managed to maintain a 79.9 QBR even with his offensive line becoming more depleted every week. Ryan’s appearance on this list impresses me, given the club’s linemen woes. 


8. Matthew Stafford has somewhat quietly managed to build a 77.0 QBR so far this season. Stafford and his crew currently lead the uber-competitive NFC North by a game. 


9. Joe Flacco, whose Baltimore Ravens absolutely crushed the Carolina Panthers last week (could bode badly for my Colts come Sunday), has a QBR of 75.6 so far this year. 


10. Despite the fact that New Orleans Saints have looked like a D2 college team for much of this season to date, Drew Brees has managed to squeeze onto today’s top ten with a QBR of 74.4. Heading into the season, the Saints were an NFC favorite, so we’ll see if they get it together.

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