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Top Ten NFL Quarterback Ratings of the Past Decade

After I posted yesterday’s top ten, I got sucked in (I always do) to more stats. So, to end the week, we’re going to work through the best full-season QBRs of the past decade. There’s a whole lot of No. 18, so if you’re not a Manning fan, you might want to sit this one out. 


1. Peyton Manning (just before leading the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory, I might add), finished the 2006 season with a total QBR of 87.2. 


2. One year later, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady finished the 2007 NFL season with a total QBR of 87.1, just a tick shy of overtaking his arch-nemesis. 


(2*) 3. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, who had an enjoyable evening last night, tied Brady for the No. 2 spot on this list in 2011. Rodgers completed that season with an 87.1 overall QBR. 


4. Peyton Manning (now of the Denver Broncos) finished last season (that’s 2014 for those of you keeping track) with a total QBR of 85.7. Still wasn’t enough to net him a second Super Bowl ring, though. Darn. 


5. Not to sound like a broken record, but Aaron Rodgers also had a stellar 2014 season (he started over half the games, so it counts, y’all), finishing with a QBR of 83.4. 


6. The New Orleans Saints starting QB, Drew Brees, finished the 2011 season with a QBR of 83.0. 


7. Here we go again. Peyton Manning (as a Bronco) had a total QBR of 82.9 during the 2013 season, 


8. In 2009, Manning (as a Colt) finished the year with a total QBR of 82.8. No. 18 and Co. couldn’t manage to snag that second ring for Naptown, though, getting crushed by the Saints in the Super Bowl. I still can’t think about it. 


9. Philip Rivers, QB and resident comedian (I can’t get enough of his interviews) of the San Diego Chargers, surged at the end of the 2014 season, finishing the year with an 82.5 QBR. 


10. Today’s list ends right where it started. Peyton Manning finished the 2012 season, his first in Denver, with a QBR of 82.4. I’d say he silenced the haters, the skeptics, and even the Broncos-loathing Phil Sims (for a minute.)

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