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Top Ten NFL Regular Season Blow-Outs and Play-Off Rematches

On only 15 occasions in NFL (and AFL, for that matter) history have teams blown-out opponents by at least 30 points during the regular season only to meet them again in the play-offs. Today, we’re going to take a look at the ten best games that fall into this category. 


1. In 1965, the Buffalo Bills lost 34-3 to the San Diego Chargers during their regular season match-up. In the play-offs, though, the Bills got their act together and blew-out the Bolts 23-0. 


2. In 1990, the Houston Texans crushed the Cincinnati Bengals 48-17 in the regular season. When it mattered, though, the Bengals took the W, 41-14. 


3. The 1976 Oakland Raiders lost 48-17 to the New England Patriots during the regular season. The Raiders, though, celebrated a narrow victory in the post-season, winning 24-21. 


4. The Houston Texans skewered the Kansas City Chiefs 30-0 during the 1993 NFL season. Once the play-offs rolled around, though, KC managed a win, 28-20. 


5. The 1977 Los Angeles Rams beat the Minnesota Vikings 35-3 in their regular season contest. Come play-off time, however, the Vikes apparently found some D, beating the Rams 14-7. 


6. The 2006 Seattle Seahawks lost badly to the Chicago Bears during the regular season. Like, 37-6 bad. The Seahawks gave Da Bears a run for their money in the post-season, though, losing by just a field goal, 27-24. 


7. The New York Jets lost 31-0 to the Buffalo Bills during the 1981 NFL season. In the play-offs, the Jets still lost, but put-up a valiant effort. The final score was 31-27. 


8. In 1981, the Dallas Cowboys scored 14 points to the San Francisco 49ers’ 45 during the regular season. The ‘Boys almost managed a win in the post-season, losing to the Niners by a single point, 28-27. 


9. The 1979 Houston Texans beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-7 during their regular season match-up. In the play-offs, the Steelers still lost by a couple of TDs, but managed to score 13 points to the Texans’ 27. 


10. In 2009, the Cincinnati Bengals were shut-out 37-0 by the New York Jets when the teams met in the regular season. Their post-season contest went only slightly better for the Bengals, but they at least kept things within a couple of scores. The Jets won 24-14.

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