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Top Ten NFL Single-Season Receiving Yard Leaders

In yesterday’s top ten list, we took a look at the NFL’s all-time career reception leaders. Today, we’ll switch gears a little bit and look at single-season receiving yards leaders. You’ll notice quite a few recent records, so it’s completely possible that at least one of these records will be broken over the course of the next 22(ish) weeks. 


1. In 2012, Calvin Johnson, Megatron, or whatever you prefer to call him, had 1,964 receiving yards for the Detroit Lions. Johnson broke a Jerry Rice record (see below) that had stood for nearly two decades.


2. During the 1995 NFL season, Jerry Rice had 1,848 receiving yards for the San Francisco 49ers. 


3. Also in 1995, Isaac Bruce racked-up 1,781 receiving yards while he was on the St. Louis Rams’ roster. Bruce and Rice were in a neck-and-neck race to knock-off the next record on this list, which had stood since the early days of the league. 


4. Charley Hennigan, who played for the Houston Oilers, had 1,746 yards during the 1961 season. Hennigan’s record remained intact for 34 years. 


5. The Indianapolis Colts’ Marvin Harrison had 1,722 yards during the 2002 season. 


6. In 2003, Torry Holt had 1,696 receiving yards while playing for the St. Louis Rams.


7. The Detroit Lions’ Herman Moore, who was also vying for the (apparently) much sought-after receiving yard record in 1995, had 1,686 yards that year.


8. I promise you’re not seeing double on these next two. Calvin Johnson also set a receiving yard record during the 2011 season. Johnson had 1,681 yards for the Lions that year. 


9. In 1999, when Peyton Manning was just a young’un, Marvin Harrison put-up 1,663 receiving yards for the Colts. 


10. Just last year (that’s 2013 for those of you who are out of the loop), the Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gordon squeaked onto this list with 1,646 receiving yards.

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