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Top Ten NFL Wide Receivers With the Most Yards in 2013


Unless you’ve crawled under a rock sometime in the past few days, you’ve heard about Josh Gordon’s recent DWI arrest (and the fallout from it). Because it’s all Gordon, all the time on sports news networks, I figured we’d look at the top ten wideouts with the most receiving yards, a statistical category that #12 led (by a long shot) last season. If Gordon isn’t on the field for the Browns in September, this spot’ll definitely be up for grabs.


1. The aforementioned Josh Gordon, WR extraordinaire for the Cleveland Browns, racked-up an impressive 1,646 yards during the 2013 season. Gordon averaged 18.9 yards per catch. With numbers like this, it’s pretty clear that the club’s decision to refrain from drafting even a single WR could come back to haunt them if Gordon is on the bench in 2014. 


2. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown comes in at No. 2 on this list with 1,499 yards (told you Gordon had the No. 1 well in-hand). Brown averaged 13.6 yards a catch and was targeted over 100 times. 


3. Calvin Johnson (who seems to hold the No. 3 spot on these lists with alarming frequency) had 1,492 yards (and almost 18 yards per catch) for the Detroit Lions in 2013. Megatron isn’t likely to let his numbers slide in 2014, so I’m excited to watch him have another stellar season. 


4. Demaryius Thomas, who emerged as one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets, had 1,430 yards and 15.5 yards per catch during the 2013 season. With Eric Decker off to the Big Apple, it’s likely that Manning will rely on Thomas and Welker even more in 2014.  


5. Cincinnati’s A.J. Green amassed 1,426 yards in 2013. Green averaged 14.6 yards a catch and helped to propel the Bengals to their third play-off appearance in as many years. 


6. Alshon Jeffery (who bolstered my fantasy team immensely last year, just for the record) had 1,421 yards for the Chicago Bears. Jeffery helped to turn Da Bears into an offensive threat last year, when the normally stalwart D was dead in the water. 


7. The Houston Texans' Andre Johnson had 1,407 yards on 109 receptions during the club’s dreadful 2013 season. Can’t blame Johnson for their 2-14 record, though…at least someone was making an effort. 


8. Pierre Garcon (former Colt…I just have to torture myself thinking about it) had 1,346 yards for the Washington Redskins in 2013. Garcon averaged 11.9 yards a catch, but had an impressive 113 receptions. 


9. DeSean Jackson, 2013 Philadelphia Eagle and 2014 Washington Redskin, racked-up 1,332 yards (averaging 16.2 yards a catch) last year. I love to watch Jackson play and I’m excited to see what he, Garcon, and RGIII will do under new leadership in DC when September finally gets here. 


10. Jordy Nelson, wideout for the Green Bay Packers, rounds-out this list with 1,314 yards in 2013. Nelson averaged 15.5 yards per catch and managed to look stellar no matter who was under center for the Pack last year.

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