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Top Ten Oldest NFL Records

Some NFL records are tough to break. Others are next to impossible. Today, we’re going to take a look at the top ten oldest records that still haven’t been shattered. 


1. On November 28, 1929, the Chicago Bears’ Ernie Nevers had quite a ballgame. As you’ll see as you keep reading, Nevers set not one, but two unbroken records on that date. First, he scored the most points any single player ever has in a single game. Nevers had 6 TDs and 4 points after for a grand total of 40 points. 


2. During that same November 28 match-up, Ernie Nevers set the record for the most rushing touchdowns in a single game. That total still stands at 6. Clearly Ernie was the original Beastmode. Sorry, Marshawn. 


3. During the 1940 NFL season, the Washington Redskins’ Sammy Baugh set the record for the highest punting average over the course of a year. Baugh averaged 51.40 yards per attempt for a total of 1,799 yards on the season. 


4. In 1948, the Chicago Bears’ Fred “Dippy” Evans set the record for the most fumble recoveries in a game by a single player. Ol’ Dippy recovered 2 and it hasn’t been repeated since. This one kind of surprises me, but it does go to show how tough it actually it to recover a fumble. 


5. The Detroit Lions’ Don Doll set the record for the most yards recorded off of intercepted passes during the 1949 NFL season. Doll gained 301 yards from interceptions over the course of the year. 


6. Jim Hardy, QB for the Chicago Cardinals, still holds that rather unfortunate record of most passes intercepted in a single game. Hardy threw to the wrong team 8 times during a September 24, 1950 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. 


7. The Baltimore Colts’ Herb Rich still holds the NFL record for the highest punt return average over the course of a full season. Rich averaged 23.00 yards per return during the 1950 year. 


8. I know we’ve discussed Norm Van Brocklin's unbroken record before, but here goes again. On September 28, 1951, Van Brocklin passed for an astounding 554 yards. Even No. 18 hasn’t cracked it. Yet. 


9. Dick "Night Train" Lane, who played for the Los Angeles Rams, still holds the record for the most interceptions during a single season. Lane had 14 interceptions throughout the 1952 NFL year. 


10. Cleveland Browns QB Tommy O’Connell still holds the league record for the highest average yards per passing attempt during a single season. O’Connell averaged 11.17 yards per attempt for a total of 1,229 yards on the year. I’m betting there are some Cleveland fans wishing O’Connell was back under center these days. Sorry. I had to. That was quite a game yesterday.

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