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Top Ten Oldest Players in NFL History

I was thinking the other day (dangerous, I know) about how the Colts “4th Down Army” will look once Adam Vinatieri decides to hang up his cleats. Depressing. Anyway, it got me wondering how old the league’s oldest players of all-time actually were. Thus, today’s top ten. The top ten oldest NFL players in the history of the league. 


1. QB (and K) George Blanda was 48 years old when he played for the 1975 Oakland Raiders. 


2. K Morten Andersen was still nailing field goals for the 2007 Atlanta Falcons at the ripe old age of 47.


3. K Ben Agajanian was 45 years old when he kicked for the 1964 San Diego Chargers. 


(3*) 4. Gary Anderson, K for the 2004 Tennessee Titans, was also 45 years old during his final season in the league.


(3*) 5. K John Carney was also 45 when he kicked for the 2010 New Orleans Saints squad. 


(3*) 6. We’re throwing it way back for these next two players. DE Bobby Marshall played for the 1925 Duluth Kelleys when he was 45 years of age. 


(3*) 7. John Nesser, who played both G and T for the 1921 Columbus Panhandles, also finished his career at 45 years old. 


8. Steve DeBerg, QB for the 1998 Atlanta Falcons, played his last year in the NFL at 44 years of age. 


(8*) 9. QB Warren Moon was also 44 years old when he finished his Hall of Fame career with the 2000 Kansas City Chiefs. 


(8*) 10. K Eddie Murray was also 44 years of age during his final season with the 2000 Washington Redskins. 


(8*) 11. QB Vinny Testaverde was also 44 years old when he finally ended his long NFL career with the 2007 Carolina Panthers.

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