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Top Ten Priciest NFL Ticket Prices


Yesterday, we took a look at how much it cost to build the ten most expensive NFL stadiums. Today, we’ll switch gears just a little and evaluate the ten most expensive stadiums to visit for a game. With the release of the 2014 official schedule, fans are starting to chomp at the bit to get tickets to their teams’ most critical match-ups. Read on to find out if your team has one of the top ten highest average ticket prices in the league (don’t worry, Browns fans, you’ll be featured tomorrow). 


1. Not surprisingly, the defending Super Bowl champions have the most costly average ticket price heading into the 2014 season. If you want to attend a game at Centurylink Field, you’ll have to pay the Seattle Seahawks organization a median price of $452.34 a pop. Guess almost half a grand is just the going rate for being part of the 12th Man for a day….


2. The New England Patriots tend to have some of the most costly tickets year in and year out. Going into the upcoming season, you can expect to pay an average of $414.22 to attend a contest at Gillette Stadium. At least you’ll be able to take your kids tailgating and avoid paying a babysitter. 


3. The San Francisco 49ers have been to the NFC championship game twice in as many years. Plus, their new stadium, the “Field of Jeans,” (y’all know I can’t get enough of its nickname) officially opens for business this season. Thus, it’s no surprise that you’ll pay a median rate of $388.18 to watch the Niners play in 2014. 


4. Eli Manning and the rest of the New York Football Giants had a somewhat disastrous 2013 campaign. Nonetheless, you’ll pay an average of $366.34 to see them take to the gridiron at MetLife Stadium during the upcoming season. Hopefully there’s some kind of Super Bowl magic leftover for the squad to harness.


5. Let’s face it, if you buy tickets to see the Chicago Bears, you’re just as much buying tickets to see storied Soldier Field. Gaining access to the NFL’s oldest stadium will set you back an average of $348.99 per person, but it’s well worth it once for any fan of the league. 


6. If you’d like to see Mike Tomlin try to give his team a helping…er, foot…at Heinz Field, you’ll have to pay a median price of $328.12 a ticket. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s most famous organizations, and have more Lombardi Trophies than any other club, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re featured on this list. 


7. As mentioned yesterday, nothin’ comes cheap at the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Field. This includes tickets. If you want to check out the spectacle that is Cowboys Stadium, you’ll have to pony-up an average of $322.28 for everyone in your party. 


8. Judging by their average ticket price of $304.19, it’s no wonder the Washington Redskins had some trouble filling the stands during their drama-laden 2013 season. Hopefully the addition of DeSean Jackson to RGIII's receiving corps will bolster sales come September. 


9. The Baltimore Ravens 8-8 2013 year was something of an anomaly for a club that is famed for its tough defense. If you want to see the 2012 Super Bowl champs try to redeem themselves during the upcoming season, you’ll have to be prepared to spend an average of $302.47 a ticket. 


10. Wanna see Peyton Manning play in-person once more before his illustrious career comes to a close within the next few years? Maybe, anyway. Manning might try to play for another couple of decades. Regardless, it’ll set you back an average of $299.84 per person to attend a match-up at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in 2014.

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