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Top Ten Things You Need For the 2016 NFL Season

The regular season is getting closer and closer for NFL fans, so there’s no time like right now to start stocking-up on all of the essentials for every gameday from here on in. The products on today’s top ten list should all be delivered by kick-off on September 8, giving you and yours everything you need to tailgate (or couchgate) in style.Image removed. No football watching party is complete with chips and dip (or beer cheese if you’re in Green Bay), so make sure you snag one of these affordable (and adorable!) trays to stash in your kitchen.

 Image removed.
NFL Spatula with Personalized Bottle Opener

This spatula has everything you could possibly need for gameday (by everything, I mean it flips burgers and opens beers). I know I can’t wait to order one for my house. 3. Image removed.
Kansas City Chiefs Grilling BBQ Apron

 No NFL gameday would be complete without grilling out, but getting barbeque sauce (even of the Kansas City ilk) on your $250 jersey just won’t do. Keep your gear safe with one of these affordable grilling aprons.

 Image removed.
NFL Shield 50" x 60" Raschel Silk Touch Blanket 

There’s nothing wrong with displaying your love of the NFL all over your house. This blanket is sure to keep you warm during every TNF, MNF, and SNF for years to come...that’s a whole lot of football, folks. Image removed.
NFL Shield Beverage Napkins

My mama taught me that no occasion is too small for themed, well, everything. These NFL shield napkins are sure to be the ideal addition to your gameday tablescapes all season long. Plus, they’re cheap, so you can stock-up without blowing your budget. 6. Image removed.
Philadelphia Eagles Official NFL Banner Flag

 No fan cave is complete without a couple of team-branded banners. I featured the Eagles, but they’re available for all 32 teams.  Image removed.
Seattle Seahawks Official NFL Baby Bib All Pro Style

I’m due in about a month, so I’ve got babies on the brain (you’ll have to forgive me early in the season). You can’t go wrong, though, with some gear for the youngest fans in your life, especially if they’re going to be hanging out with you on Sundays. A baby’s first football season is a big dea, people.Image removed.
NFL Buffalo Bills Navy Neoprene Bottle Koozi

I’ve developed something of a reputation as the “Koozie Queen” among my friends and family. I have two in my purse, more in my car, and a whole drawer full at home. All this to say that, in my world, no list of essential NFL products would be complete without a bottle koozie. Buffalo is featured for obvious reasons...nobody likes to lose fingers to frostbite while tailgating.

 Image removed.
Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys Nike 2016 Draft Pick Game Jersey

Some years, you just need a new jersey for your collection, especially if your team drafts well. Not an issue Colts fans have had the past few years, but you can’t win ‘em all. This season’s top-selling rookie is featured here, but you should, of course, support your own crop of draft picks if you’re not a fan of America’s (*former*) Team.

 Image removed.
NFL Hot and Cold Tumbler Personalized

 I don’t know about you, but I go to a lot of away games. In the cold. Outdoors. Wandering around pre-game trying to find Starbucks. This would eliminate a lot of problems. Plus, it’s monogrammed. Pretty sure I’m going to order one right this second.

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