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Top Ten Warm Weather Tailgating Essentials

Learn What Warm Weather Tailgating Gear You Have to Buy!
Date & Time Friday March 7, 2014, 12:00 PM (EST)
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NFL | Learn What Warm Weather Tailgating Gear You Have to Buy!
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Yesterday we looked at a few tailgating essentials for fans who, more often than not, find themselves trudging through ice and snow to get to their stadiums on game days. Today's list is for those of you who are lucky enough to reside in Miami, San Diego, Tampa Bay, or another warm weather town. And, for the record, those of us residing in the north truly resent that there are flip flops in this guide. 

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Ladies Sequin Wedge Flip Flops - Pink - These are the perfect game day footwear for ladies who want to show-off their NFL pride and (team colors, of course!) pedicure simultaneously. 


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NFL Sunglasses Set -
 If you get to tailgate and bask in the sunshine at the same time, you need a pair of team shades to protect your eyes from harmful rays without sacrificing game day style.


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Women's Aqua Cheer Tank Top NFL Brand
 - This adorable tank is sure to make any girl the life of the party during her weekly tailgating sessions. It's both cute and comfortable; nothing better than that! 


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Frost Boss Can Chiller
 - If you live in a region that lacks actual frost on game days, the Frost Boss is a must have! Or, you could just go watch your team play the Packers. If a road trip to Lambeau isn't on your list, though, you and your crew can easily keep all of your brews cold for hours with this easy-to-transport contraption. 


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Cooling Towel - White
 - Tailgating and watching the game with sweat dripping down your back or off your brow isn't fun for you (or the folks who happen to be sitting next to you). Beat the heat with one of these afordable cooling towels featuring your team's logo. 


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4-Pack Temporary Nail Tattoos
 - Whether you're a girl yourself or you just have a special lady in your life, these nail decals are a fun (and affordable!) game day accessory for women who don't have to hide their hands in gloves just to stave off pre kick-off frostbite.


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Coleman InstaStart Tailgate Grill
 - Though this grill isn't warm-weather specific, it's significantly more fun to use if you aren't worried about snow piling up on your burgers every time you open it. The best part? It's portable so you can even take it to your away game party spot with ease.


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Vintage Vertical Lines Team Color T-Shirt
 - Who says a guy can't support his team and look stylish at the same time? These light, vintage style tees are ideal for keeping cool and showing your pride on game days and every day. 


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Wild Sports Tailgate Table
 - Perfect for a friendly game of beer pong, or just for laying out your spread, this table is excellent in locations where the elements aren't an issue. You won't have to worry about it blowing across the parking lot in gale force winds or getting ruined during an ice storm. 


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Team Lanterns & Lights Set
 - Sometimes it's easier said than done to get excited about decorating your tailgating area when you're just worried about not losing digits due to the cold. These lanterns, though, are perfect for fans in temperate areas. They'll add just the right flair to your parking spot!

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