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Top Ten Weirdest NFL Endorsement Deals

A Look at the Strangest NFL Player Endorsements
Date & Time Monday December 22, 2014, 12:00 PM (EST)
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After yesterday’s slaughter (it’s a rough morning to be a Colts fan), I could use a little humor. So we’re going to start off this Christmas week with a look at the top ten weirdest NFL endorsement deals. Trust me, even if you’re a fellow Indy loyalist, this will make your morning.


1. I have to start with Tony Siragusa's Depends Guards and Shields for men deal. Just to clarify, Siragusa, who has a Super Bowl XXXV ring, has resorted to pitching adult diapers. I don’t know what more one can say about that. Other than the fact that you should probably watch this


2. Steve Smith (current Raven and former Panther) once starred in a Bojangles (yes, the chicken chain) commercial with Jake Delhomme (…retiree and former Panther) The boys go all kinds of Dukes of Hazzard in the spot, cheerleaders and an exploding barn included. Just YouTube it. 


3. Ray Lewis, my current favorite NFL commentator, also has a side endorsement deal for Snuggie. I can’t help but wonder what possessed Lewis, who used to chew up quarterbacks for lunch, to take this deal. Money makes people do strange things, folks. Clearly. 


4. When I think of Tom Brady, Giselle, four letter words on the sidelines, and impeccable cheekbones come to mind. Know what doesn’t? UGG boots. I’m a proud owner of UGGs, but Brady endorsing them somehow makes my favorite sheepskin feet-warmers a little less appealing. UGG for Men just seems like it was a bad idea from the get-go. 


5. Carson Palmer once had an endorsement deal with John Morrell hotdogs. I don’t know about you, but the sheer innuendo involved in this is too much to handle. Seriously, look up the pictures. Or don’t. But since I was scarred, I feel like you should be too. All I can say is that Palmer better have looked for a new agent after this one went down…


6. We’re going to throw it back a little bit to Joe Nasmith with today’s No. 6. Nasmith, always famous for his flamboyant fashion (read: fur coats that would make your grandmother jealous) endorsed Hanes Beautymist Panythose back in the day. The worst part? The general public initially thought the legs in the ad belonged to a woman. Just dwell on that for a moment. 


7. Robert Griffin III signed a deal with Castrol Oil during his rookie season. This was strange for multiple reasons. No. 1: Griffin isn’t a NASCAR or Indycar driver. No. 2: When one generally thinks of the celebrity face of a company, a rookie NFL player (no matter how good he is purported to be) doesn’t usually top the list. In hindsight, this bombed for Castrol. Hopefully they’ll stick with Earnhardts or Andrettis from here on in.  


8. Let’s just start off by stating that the Ford family (yes, the automotive Fords) owns the Detroit Lions (and most of the rest of Detroit). Ndamukong Suh, who plays for the Lions, had an endorsement deal with Chrysler. Ya know, Ford’s direct competitor? My best guess is that the Fords just didn’t care to mess with the NFL’s most terrifying player. Or something along those lines…


9. While we’re talking Ford Field’s finest, Lions wideout Calvin Johnson had a 2012 endorsement deal with Acura. Yup. 


10. Tim Tebow, who has somehow managed to remain relatively relevant even though he hasn’t played in the NFL for multiple seasons, had Republican presidential candidates falling over themselves to get an endorsement during the last election. Yes, you read that right. People who wanted to govern the free world were desperately hoping for a nod from a back-up quarterback. Good times.

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