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Top Ten Worst Third Down Conversion NFL Teams in 2014

Yesterday, we took a look at the teams that were killer at third down conversions during the 2014 NFL season. Today, as promised, we’ll look at those that…lacked skill…in that area. You won’t be surprised by the team that leads-off. 


1. The Cleveland curse just may be real, y’all. I think the Cleveland Browns have held the No. 1 spot in every “worst of” list I’ve written so far this year. Today’s no different. The Brownies converted on just 29.47% of their third down attempts in 2014. 


2. The Tennessee Titans had a third down conversion rate of 30.10% in 2014. That’s what you get when even Ken Whisenhunt can’t whip your quarterbacks into shape. 


3. The Washington Redskins converted on 31.47% of their third downs last year. 


4. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a third down conversion percentage of 31.94% during the 2014 season. It’s still worth buying tickets to their games, though, if you can watch from those snazzy pools. 


5. The Oakland Raiders continued their quest to be the worst team with a semi-respectable roster by converting on just 33.90% of their third down attempts last year. 


6. The St. Louis (Los Angeles?) Rams had a third down conversion rate of 35.42% last season. 


7. The Buffalo Bills, who will look a little bit different (hello, Shady McCoy) under Rex Ryan’s leadership in 2015, converted on 36.68% of their third down attempts during the 2014 season. 


8. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers converted 37.44% of their third down attempts last year. 


9. The Chicago Bears had a 37.68% third down conversion percentage in 2014. 


10. The Detroit Lions converted on 38.46% of third downs during last year’s regular season. 

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