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Bournemouth vs Swansea 12 Mar 2016: EPL Preview and Predictions

One of the games this weekend in the English Premier League will see Swansea travel away from Wales into England to play Bournemouth in a game where the winner will not only move up the ladder, but will also put the pressure on the other remaining teams around them since they will know that they have to win just to keep up. I am fascinated about how this game will unfold since both teams are very evenly matched in all areas of the field.

Bournemouth have been amazing at home but I think that this week they will be tested. The team has a lot going for them but all through the year they have failed to score enough goals and I think that might be a problem this weekend. That being said, they do have an amazing fan base at home and I think that will play a huge role in getting them playing well this weekend.

Swansea on the other hand have been playing some decent football lately getting wins against the likes of Arsenal. Although this was a freak occurrence I think they will get a lot of heart out of this and the team will have good morale heading into this encounter. I think that they will get a result out of this and although winning at Bournemouth is hard, they can definitely get a draw from this game.

Overall I think that betting on the outright result is the way to go. We are getting an amazing price on the draw like we always do and we will get there way more than 1 in 3 times so I am happy with this bet. This is probably one of the better bets we are going to get this weekend so I will be putting money on it for sure. 


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