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Chelsea Transfer News: Juan Mata Will Leave In Januray For PSG Or Atletico Madrid

After being left out of the squad completely for the visit of Fulham to Stamford Bridge yesterday, it now looks a certainty that last year`s `Player of the Year`, Juan Mata will leave the club in January.

Despite all the vitriol thrown in the direction of last season`s `interim manager`, Rafael Benitez, he did at least get the team back into winning ways and actually finished the season in decent shape, winning the Europa Cup being the highlight. However, he was still allowed to leave at the end of the season because the delusional Chelsea fans did not like him! Now they have got what they wished for and in typically ironic fashion, it has turned into a disaster.

Jose Mourinho was hailed as the Messiah by the faithful at Stamford Bridge along with the sycophants in our illustrious UK media. The reality was far from the fairy-tale they had hoped for, with a string of dreadful performances and poor results; the worst start for 10 years. Of course those who were not taken in by the hype knew all along that Mourinho`s luck ran out in Spain and he was found out as a charlatan. People in the UK game like to think that he was a good friend of legend Sir Alex Ferguson, but the truth was that Fergie just tolerated a man he saw as a clown who amused him.

Today, after beating a Fulham team at Stamford Bridge that just about any decent side could have achieved, Mourinho is claiming that result as justification of his catastrophic start of his second term at Chelsea. That may be laughable in itself, but one person who is not laughing is owner, Abramovich, who is on close terms with both Juan Mata and Fernando Torres, both of whom appear to be frozen out by Mourinho.

Abramovich was seen marching across the pitch after the debacle in the Champions League match against Basel which they lost 1-2 to supposedly give the team a rollicking, however, it has now emerged that he offered his support to both of the Spaniards in front of Mourinho in the changing rooms. That can only lead to trouble and there will be only one winner and it will not be Mourinho.

To compound matters, Mata is now the subject of offers from both Atletico Madrid and PSG and unless things change substantially he will be off in January. With that scenario emerging, it is likely that his best mate, Torres will seek pastures new, thereby setting up a collision between owner and manager.

The game in England has changed dramatically since Mourinho first came in 2003 and had the unlimited funds of Abramovich, now most of the top clubs have the finances to compete with them as Mourinho found out in the summer transfer window where he had to make a last minute panic buy and we all know how that has finished up?

I do not see him lasting the three years he managed last time he was at Chelsea if the present situation is not resolved and maybe it will be him who leaves in  January and not Torres or Mata.

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