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England vs Italy 27 March 2018: International Soccer Preview and Predictions

England will be in action as the team prepares for the World Cup. This week they will be taking on Italy at home. This is a game between two top teams that are evenly matched meaning we should be able to witness some good football.

Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup which was a disaster for Italian football. This week they will look to restore some pride by beating England. There is tons of talent in the Italian side with a very strong defense. The likes of Bonucci are top-level players and they should ensure that Italy doesn’t concede many goals against England. The problem with Italy is attacking. There is a lack of attacking quality in this Italian side and they will need to find ways of scoring if they wish to win this game.

As far as England are concerned, they need to find a strong side that they will take to the World Cup. The defense is solid enough but the side has yet to decide on a goalkeeper. This is something that the manager needs to decide quickly since a goalkeeper is a much needed constant in any side. This game will be important for England since it will be a test for the side and it will be important to see how the players step up when they are tested. I think England will win since they are at home and they have more to play for since they are going to the World Cup.

As far as betting is concerned, we are getting a good enough price to bet on England to win outright and as a result, it is the bet which I am going to suggest.



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