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Leicester City: THE CHAMPIONS

Historic day in the English Premier League, and in sports in general as Leicester City pull off a miracle by winning the title that sees them as the best club in England. This is a may be the biggest upset in sporting history and looking back at it makes all football fans smile.
This was a team that was meant to lose, they were meant to battle for relegation and this was not meant to happen. As the season progressed, pundits kept looking for them to falter but they didn’t and this win has surely changes to coarse of footballing history.
This win was looking like it wouldn’t happen this week as Tottenham had taken a 2-0 lead at half time but Ranieri’s old club fought for him one more time and a 2-2 final result saw history be made. Claudio Ranieri had failed to win a title with all the big teams that he managed and at this stage of his career it looked unlikely that he would win at all. It is a testament to the man, the character and the tactician as they won a title the world though they never would.
As far as players are concerned, the likes of Mahrez, Konte and Vardy showed the world they were champions but praise has to be given to every single one of them. This team has shown fight like I have never seen before and it was only fitting that their story ended with a fairytale ending.

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