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Real Madrid Transfer News: Real Will Go Back To Liverpool In January For Luis Suarez

During the recent summer transfer window, Luis Suarez was the subject of an abortive transfer attempt by Arsenal and will forever be remembered for the ridiculous £40,000,001 bid made by them as a way of activating the supposed buyout clause.

As we now know, such a clause never existed as such and the figure was only a trigger for Liverpool to tell the player about the bid.  Eventually of course, Arsenal finished up buying Mezut Ozil instead, spending roughly the same £40m on him instead.

There had always been the sense that lingering in the background of all this, was Real Madrid, who had earlier expressed an interest in the player, although we know that their main interest was in Gareth Bale, who they finally signed in a world record bid.

Now it looks like the Madrid giants are to go back to Liverpool in January with a new bid of around £45m for Suarez. The player has said via his agent that he is still open to a move to the Bernebeu but it is up to the clubs to agree the terms of any move.

Liverpool for their part, have reiterated that they will demand at least £55m for the player and they have not changed that stance since last summer. Arsenal has said that they have not entirely given up on Suarez, but Liverpool has made clear that they will not be selling to a direct rival in the Premier League.

On the face of it, there must be someone at Real Madrid who is going to be sacrificed for this deal to be done. Real Madrid has already stretched their resources to get Gareth Bale and will not be able to fund a massive bid for Suarez without someone going the other way. There are rumours that Manchester United have sounded out Madrid about Modric, but the player is having a good season under new boss Carlo Ancelotti and that does not look likely.

No doubt the likely contender for the exit will come to light over the next few weeks as we head towards the January transfer window.

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