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Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League

We take a look at the best goalkeepers currently plying their trade in the Premier League and who is currently at the top of their form, be warned there are some big name absentees here with Thibaut Courtois and Chelsea missing out due to their terrible season.

5. Joe Hart ( Manchester City)

The current England number one just about sneaks in here to the top five. Hart's shot stopping ability is second to none but his decision's under crosses is questionable and Hart has made enough mistakes of late to not be considered the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. Joe Hart though has done enough to get himself into the top five with thirteen clean sheets in twenty eight appearances this season.

4.Herrelo Gomes (Watford)

The former Tottenham goalkeeper has ten clean sheets in thirty appearances this season and has turned back the clock on his career at thirty five years of age he is having one of the best years of his career. The Brazilian definitely merits a mention here and for me has been among the top five goalkeepers in this year's Premier League campaign with Watford only conceding 32 goals in thirty games and Gomes is due alot of credit for that low number.

3.Petr Cech ( Arsenal)

Did Chelsea make a mistake selling Petr Cech to Arsenal, yes they did is the answer and twelve clean sheets in twenty eight appearance is the proof of the mistake. Cech has been the rock that Arsene Wenger has been looking for at the back and at 33 Cech has many good years left and will provide Arsenal with the quality they need at the position to excel. Cech and Arsenal have only conceded thirty goals in thirty games this season, the third best defensive record in the Premier League.

2. David De Gea ( Manchester United)

Many would argue that the David De Gea should be number one on this list , the Manchester United player has been United's best player again this season and has pulled off a remarkable number of saves this season which have saved United in several big games this season. With sixty eight saves in twenty six appearances De Gea has been outstanding for Manchester United, De Gea also has the most clean sheets per games played with eleven in twenty six but he only makes it to number two here with a very special French talent at number 1.

1. Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)

Without dooubt the best Goalkeeper in the Premier League this season has been Hugo Lloris, captain of Tottenham Hotspur who are having an immense year. Tottenham have conceded only 24 goals in 31 games  this season and Lloris has been an absolute rock. With eleven clean sheets in those thirty one games Lloris has conceded the least amount of goals per minutes played and has been a sensation all season. While Tottenham striker Harry Kane and young midfielder Delli Alli are front runners for both the Player and young player of the year, it is my opinion that if Tottenham can go on and win the Premier League then Hugo Lloris will have been their most important player.


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