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Torino vs Hellas Verona 31 January 2016: Serie A Preview and Predictions

Hellas Verona have had a bad season so far and it doesn’t look like it is getting any better soon. This side has struggled week in week out and they will find themselves with another challenge this weekend as they travel away from home to Turin where they will be facing a Torino side who are pretty good and have a point to prove to their rivals Juventus and to the whole of Italian football.

Hellas Verona are in last place and it looks like relegation is becoming more and more a certainty as the weeks go on. This team has a terrible defense and their midfield is not creating any chances. The only bright aspect is their striker Luca Toni who has plenty of experience but he is not getting the service and this is leading into a sinking ship which is sinking further. This weekend is going to be tough for them and I think that they will be outplayed and beaten badly by a better team who will be at home.

Torino on the other hand will hope that this is an easy match and it should be since their opposition are not playing good football. This team has talent and they will want to display it at home this weekend. A win here will be big for the men from Turin and they will have every chance since this is one of the easiest fixtures they will get.

Torino will not lose since they are up against a winless team and things should be easy at home. That being said we are getting a terrible price and betting is not great for this match. If I had to bet I would take Torino outright but it isn’t great value so if you can it is better to look to a different game to invest your money in. 


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