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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many picks do I get?

Honestly, it depends on the schedule. On a typical day you can expect 3-5 picks, on days with busier scheduled it can be 10 or more. On days with a light schedule we try to do at least 3 but if there aren’t enough games it would be tough. If there is ever an issue with the quantity, we will make it right.

2) How do I get my picks?

You simply login to the site and visit the Premium Picks links. We plan to offer other forms like picks by text in the future.

3) If I buy a month, year or week does it end at the end of this month or year?

No, a month is a month of service, 30 days, a year is 365 days. No matter which length plan you purchase you will receive a reminder, and if there is a discrepancy we will be glad to help.

4) What forms of payment do you take?

All Major Credit Cards.

5) Is my purchase safe?

Absolutely! All purchases occur securely over HTTPS and we use a US-based PCI compliant e-commerce platform with Stripe for processing payments.