Legal Georgia Online Gambling, Poker & Casinos

Although Georgia is one of the most welcoming and hospitable states to the south of the US, it doesn't even offer a lukewarm reception to the gambling industry. Large parts of the gambling sector have been prohibited in Georgia for more than a century.

Although the state lottery provides welcome income to the state coffers, it is out on its own as the sole bastion of betting for Georgians. Bingo games are permitted in Georgia but the state's legislature intends bingo games to be operated as fundraisers rather than going concerns. A bingo club can pay out a maximum of $1,500 per session.

Those who break the law and take part in commercial gambling can be hit with fines of up to $20,000 and a period of up to five years in jail, such is the dim view that the Georgian state takes of gambling.

Georgia Gambling Laws - Summary and Look to the Future

Residents of Georgia cannot gamble online with firms that exist within the state. However, residents may legally gamble with offshore sites.

Nevertheless, it's important to be aware of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which is effective nationwide. This act restricts financial institutions from taking deposits and withdrawals linked to gambling, so some offshore sites have taken the decision to remove themselves entirely from the American market.

Georgia Gambling Laws - A Brief History

  • 1877 - The state outlaws all forms of gambling.
  • 1878 - The state prohibits the sale of lottery tickets to customers.
  • 1976 - Georgia votes to legalize charitable bingo and raffle gaming.
  • 1993 - Establishment of a new State Lottery.
  • 2002 - Slot machines and video poker terminals prohibited.

What Types of Gambling are Legal in Georgia?

  • Casino Gambling – There is no casino gambling in Georgia. Georgia does have some boats that offer casino gambling but they can’t operate until they reach international waters. There have been talks about adding casinos in Atlanta and you can get the latest news here.
  • Sports Betting  – Georgia has no sports betting at all but you can follow the latest developments for sports betting legalization in Georgia here.
  • Online Betting - Georgia has online betting in the form of lottery tickets, Keno, and instant lottery games.
  • Daily Fantasy – The large DFS sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings allow players from Georgia but the state lottery has launched an inquiry.
  • Poker – There are no legal places to play poker in Georgia outside of home games but only if no rake is taken. Poker tournaments for prizes in Georgia are legal but only if there is no buy-in.
  • Bingo – Bingo is legal for registered charities in Georgia but prize pools cannot exceed $1500 a day or $3000 a week.
  • Lottery – The Georgia Lottery has a variety of offerings for gambling. In Georgia, you can buy lottery tickets for traditional drawings. Keno drawings in Georgia are held every three and a half minutes. Georgia also has video lottery machines that are in bars and convenience stores that are similar to slots but do require some skill.