Who has served the Most Aces in a Tennis Match?

2020-03-28 00:00:00 EDT

The ace in tennis is the best way to win a point. It is a statement by the player serving that they are so good that their opponent is not even able to touch the ball and get it back in play. Aces are so hard to achieve, especially in a large amount, however, some players are continuously able to produce them. When watching players like John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, Roger Federer or Reilly Opelka you sometimes wonder who has the most aces in a single match. This is that list.

1. John Isner (vs. Nicolas Mahut) – 2010 Wimbledon 1st Round – 113 Aces:

  • John Isner is known as one of the best servers of all time, and when you watch his matches, you are sure for them to go very deep as his opponents will always struggle to break him, if at all. Isner holds the record for the most aces in a single tennis match when he hit 113 aces in his first-round encounter against Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010. Their match lasted over 11 hours and Isner won in the 5th set 70-68, allowing him to just add ace after ace to his tally. This record is never going to be broken again because of the changes in rules of the game to prevent long matches like this. But watching the replay of this match is incredible as Isner’s ball toss and destruction of opponents through his serve is a beauty.

2. Nicolas Mahut (vs. John Isner) – 2010 Wimbledon 1st Round – 103 Aces:

  • Nicolas Mahut also set a record that day against John Isner, with the second most aces ever served in a single tennis match. Mahut put up an incredible 103 aces, and in my opinion, if he was Isner’s height he definitely could have had even more than that. Mahut’s singles career has not panned out the way he would have wanted it to in his life, however, he will always have this record to look back at and he knows it will never be beaten.

3. Ivo Karlovic (vs. Radek Stepanek) – 2009 David Cup Semi-Final – 78 Aces:

  • Ivo Karlovic is the best server in the history of tennis. Karlovic’s serve is absolutely incredible, even compared to John Isner. Karlovic is incredibly tall, strong, and composed on his ball toss. This allows him to ensure that opponents will give it their all to get a return on his serve and try to win the point. Karlovic has been around a long time on the ATP Tour and he has a lot of respect for his accomplishments on his serve. Karlovic lost to Stepanek in a 5 set thriller in the 2009 David Cup Semi-Finals, but this is because of Stepanek’s absolute heart to give it his all, and look beyond Karlovic’s serve, however, not many opponents are able to do this against Ivo.

4. Ivo Karlovic (vs. Lleyton Hewitt) – 2009 French Open 1st Round – 55 Aces:

  • Yet another Ivo Karlovic match in 2009 where he served up so many aces and still lost. Karlovic has an amazing serve and is able to win easy points, however, he is not as good in his movement. Hewitt has been one of the best players ever and one of the most exciting ones to watch, and his ability to beat Karlovic even with 55 aces served does not reflect badly on Karlovic. Karlovic is the best server of all time, and it is hard to see anyone beating him in that part of the tennis world.

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