Auburn vs Alabama A&M Prediction Basketball Picks 11-21-23

Auburn vs Alabama A&M Prediction Basketball Picks 11-21-23 player photo
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In the upcoming clash between the Alabama A&M Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers on November 21, 2023, the spotlight falls on the Bulldogs as they seek their first victory of the season. With a challenging start at 0-2, Alabama A&M faces a formidable opponent in Auburn, who currently boasts a 3-1 record. This matchup presents a critical test for the Bulldogs, and we delve into their recent performance and statistical outlook to assess their chances. Here is our Alabama A&M vs Auburn Prediction.

Balance the Scale and Grow

The Alabama A&M Bulldogs enter this matchup with a challenging start to their 2023-2024 campaign, holding a 0-2 record. Their average points scored per game stand at 74.0, demonstrating their ability to generate offense. However, the Bulldogs face a significant challenge in terms of defense, allowing an average of 94.5 points per game. This glaring disparity between their offensive output and defensive performance is an area of concern.

The team's performance highlights the need for improved shooting accuracy. With a field goal percentage of 39.2% and a three-point percentage of 28.6%, they must find more efficient ways to convert scoring opportunities. Their free-throw percentage at 63.5% also leaves room for improvement. On the rebounding front, the Bulldogs average 35.5 rebounds per game, indicating their ability to secure possessions.

To secure their first win of the season against Auburn, Alabama A&M must address their defensive vulnerabilities and aim for better shooting accuracy. The collective effort of the team will be crucial, as they look to find a balance between their offensive and defensive performance.


Offensive Power

The Auburn Tigers come into this game with a strong 3-1, showcasing their early-season prowess. Auburn's offensive capabilities are evident, as they average an impressive 82.0 points per game, highlighting their ability to score consistently. On the defensive end, they have allowed an average of 69.5 points per game, indicating a balanced approach to their gameplay.

Johni Broome emerges as a standout player for Auburn, leading the team with 16.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. His presence in the paint provides a scoring and rebounding advantage. Dylan Cardwell's remarkable 70.0% field goal shooting adds to their offensive efficiency. Auburn's three-point shooting stands at 38.9%, a valuable asset in their offensive arsenal. Their free-throw percentage of 73.9% further solidifies their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Defensively, Auburn has been impressive, limiting their opponents to a field goal percentage of 39.1% and a three-point percentage of 22.9%. This indicates their ability to stifle their rivals' offensive efforts. K.D. Johnson leads in steals with 1.2 per game, while Cardwell contributes 1.8 blocked shots per game, showcasing their defensive prowess. In conclusion, Auburn's statistics and recent performances position them as the favorites in this matchup. Their strong offensive and defensive capabilities, coupled with standout players like Broome and Cardwell, give them a significant advantage against Alabama A&M.

David's Pick - Auburn Tigers

I predict that the Auburn Tigers will emerge victorious in this matchup against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs. Auburn's strong offensive output, led by Johni Broome and supported by their efficient three-point shooting, gives them a significant edge. Alabama A&M's defensive struggles and lower shooting percentages indicate they might struggle to contain Auburn's scoring. Furthermore, Auburn's solid defensive performance, limiting opponents to a field goal percentage of 39.1% and a three-point percentage of 22.9%, bodes well for their ability to stifle Alabama A&M's offense. With Broome's presence in both scoring and rebounding, Auburn has a well-rounded team capable of controlling the game. In conclusion, the statistics and recent performances heavily favor Auburn in this matchup. While anything can happen in college basketball, Auburn's strengths and consistency make them the clear pick for victory in this game.

David Brown's Free Pick:Auburn Tigers