Caesars Sportsbook Review

Overall Impressions

Many gamblers are finally able to take advantage of the opportunity to wager on their favorite sportsbook apps. There are now 30 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized sports wagering, with more on the way. Thus, it is important to review the various companies that operate in this space to figure out which ones may be the best for players to use. 

Caesars Sportsbook: First to Act

One of the very first sportsbooks to take advantage of the legalization of sports wagering in various states was Caesars Sportsbook. They already have the established brand name from their slate of hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other areas where gambling is permitted by law. Caesar’s Sportsbook was interested in expanding to the legal sports wagering marketplace. The fact that they have jumped into each new state that legalizes the practice just goes to show that they are eager to get involved. 

Recently, on April 22, 2021, Caesar’s Sportsbook acquired William Hill. This makes their reach even broader both in the United States and around the world. Thus, they are one of the most established and trusted brands out there. 

What to Love About Caesar’s Sportsbook

Players who are about to relax at the end of the workday and turn on their favorite sporting events may decide to throw down some money on the event to make it even more exciting. They will have plenty of options to select from, so one must wonder what will cause Caesar’s Sportsbook to be the one that they ultimately use. We know of a few reasons why this may be the case. 

Trusted Brand Name

Trusting the provider that you use for your sports wagers is a very big deal. People don’t always realize just how important it is to know that their money is safe and sound with whichever provider they ultimately use for their sports wagers. Caesar’s Sportsbook has a long history and a strong company backing it up. Thus, players are very confident that their money is safe when they use a book like this. 

Many Betting Options

Having many things to bet on is very important. Not everyone will agree on which kind of events they would like to wager on, and it is best to offer a slew of options for players to find exactly what they are looking for as far as their next wagering option. You will find all the major sports as well as more obscure ones. Additionally, Caesar’s Sportsbook is good about offering international sporting events to wager on. 

Promos, Odds Boosts, and Other Specials

There is something to be said for a sportsbook that goes out of its way to offer players specials, promotions, odds boosts, and other deals that can make their experience that much better. Caesar’s Sportsbook is great about doing this, and they constantly make sure that they boost their offerings and make those available to virtually every player. A new player is more likely to lock in some of the best promotions and specials, but loyal players who stick around can get some of these deals as well. 

Where Caesar’s Sportsbook Can Improve

There is no perfect sportsbook out there, and every one of them can stand to get a bit better. This is certainly the case with Caesar’s Sportsbook as well. It has some flaws that players should know about before they get an account set up on the app. 

Live Betting Options are Lacking

People who are looking for live betting action may find themselves in serious need of some help when it comes to what they can get from Caesar’s Sportsbook. This app simply has not focused as heavily on providing live betting options as some of their competitors have. Players will find hundreds of pre-game betting options during most times of the year, but they may struggle to find the in-game betting that they are looking for. For that, players may have to go elsewhere. 

Specialty Bets are Limited

Another downfall for Caesar’s Sportsbook is the fact that some of the specialty bets that other books offer are not as available with Caesar’s Sportsbook. They are great about putting out a lengthy slate of betting options for all the standard types of bets that one may want to make, but you may struggle to find some specialty bets that other books offer. 

Bonuses Offered on Caesar’s Sportsbook 

Bonuses are one of the most fun parts about getting signed up for any new sportsbook. New players, in particular, should be able to count on getting bonuses offered to them for their decision to sign up for a new account. Any new player who is not getting this from their current sportsbook needs to consider making a switch! Caesar’s Sportsbook offers a few different types of bonuses both for new players and for loyal players who stick around as well. 

First-Time Depositor Bonus

The first wager that a new player makes can be covered by a first-time depositor bonus. What this means is that a brand-new player on Caesar’s Sportsbook will receive a “risk-free” token to cover the total amount of their first deposit up to $1,500. They will receive free bets that are equal to the amount of their first wager up to $1,500 if they make that wager within 30 days of depositing. 

The free bet will only appear if the first wager loses. If the first wager wins, you simply keep your winnings! If you do lose and receive your free bet, it will appear within 2 business days in your account. You have 14 days to use that free bet, or it will expire. 

Parlay Boost

There is a lot of incentive on the part of the sportsbook to get players to wager more on parlays when they can. The odds of winning a parlay are long, and the profitability of parlays is very high for the book. Thus, Caesar’s Sportsbook is happy to offer a parlay boost to players to try to encourage them to try out a parlay. The boost can hike the winnings that a player is able to win if their parlay hits by as much as 50%. 

Rewards Program

The other big way that one can take advantage of promotions in the Caesar’s Sportsbook app is to become a part of their rewards program. This program makes it easier for you to capitalize on your play within the app. You will receive points in your rewards account for each wager that you make. Those points can be converted into cash in your account or other rewards over time. There are even some who earn enough points to cash in on some free stays at Caesar’s properties. 

Deposit Options

The number of options that one must deposit into their Caesar’s Sportsbook account is less than some of the other sportsbooks available to customers. Despite this, Caesar’s Sportsbook says that they are one of the top gambling sites for PayPal deposits. They make the process easy for customers to get their money onto the site. Available options include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discovery
  • Online banking
  • PayPal

All the deposit options are free for customers to use, and all except for the online banking option are instant deposits. The online banking option may take up to 2 business days for the deposit to be recognized in your account (depending on your bank). 

Features of the Caesar’s Sportsbook App

There are several customer-friendly features within the Caesar’s Sportsbook app that you should know about if you are going to start using it soon. 

Live Betting

One of the most exciting things that one can do is place wagers on a game as that game is actively in progress. They can see how their wager plays out while the game is in motion. Many gamblers say that live betting is both more exciting and more profitable for them as they are able to wager based on the activity that has already taken place. 

Early Cash Out Options

There are a lot of people who get nervous when they are holding on to a particular wager. They see something going against them on that wager, and they may wish that they had never placed the bet to begin with. Therefore, the early cash out option is so appealing to many people who sign up for the Caesar’s Sportsbook app. They can cash out early and get back at least some of their wager. Alternatively, they can lock in a guaranteed profit on a wager if things begin to pan out in their favorite. Either way, it takes a little stress off the shoulders of the player. 

Same-Game Parlay

A parlay has typically been defined as a wager in which multiple events are combined together on a single wager. That said, Caesar’s Sportsbook has a feature known as the same-game parlay. This allows gamblers to choose a variety of wagers that they would like to place within the same game. If they happen to hit all those wagers in the same game, then they can score a nice parlay payout.

Customer Service Availability 

Never fear that you won’t be able to reach out to customer service if something goes wrong on your app or with a wager. If there is a technical issue or if you simply have a question that you need some help with, you can always reach out to customer support for help with these issues. Thus, you may want to know that a variety of options are available to you for getting this done. Here is what Caesar’s Sportsbook currently has on tap for customer service: 

  • Live Chat: Available 24/7
  • Phone: 855-474-0606
  • Twitter: @CaesarsSports

That’s right, you can even reach out to the company on Twitter if you need to! They just want to make sure that you can have your questions and concerns answered ASAP. 

The Bottom Line

Caesar’s Sportsbook is undoubtedly a popular name when it comes to wagering. They have won themselves a significant reputation in the gambling community over the many decades they have been in existence. If you want to work with an app that has that kind of name-brand backing, then you will certainly want to consider using this one. 

They have plenty of the standard features that you would expect from any wagering app, but they also offer the outsized $1,500 first deposit bonus that can give a new player the boost that they need to build a bankroll. If that all sounds good to you, then right now is the time to sign up for an account.  

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