Looking for Sports Writers – Join Our Team

We are always looking for talented writers at Sports Chat Place, but we honestly accept very few of those who express interest as we are looking for writers and handicappers who fit with our team and what we do.

Unlike a lot of sites out there, everyone who works at Sports Chat Place is compensated financially and, as is the case with any team, it is done in a manner that shares with the successes and failures of the site as a whole. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR GAME PICKERS. You will not see anywhere on the site where we simply list picks and we will not be doing things that way in the future. At SCP, we cover every game of every sport every day, so if that isn’t something you are interested in or you can’t do, then it likely isn’t a good fit.

In addition to just pick and prediction articles, we are also looking for people who write articles about sports (not recaps), and there are always plenty of people and things to write about either currently going on or historically in sports as well as opinion pieces.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  1. What sports do you cover? If you are writing to me saying you cover a sport that is just about over, probably not the best timing. If you are writing about a sport we don’t cover, even better. If you cover more than one say so.
  2. How much can you write? Is it one article a week or 10 a day, we just need to know where and if you fit in. Are here days you can’t write?
  3. How much compensation are you looking for? The important thing here is we are just looking to see what your expectations are and if they are realistic to even being close. Here is a rule of thumb if you aren’t sure. We write 1600+ articles a month 12 months a year, if you are asking for an amount per article that would put our article writing cost at 10 million dollars a year you won’t be joining us.
  4. Do you have any experience at all? A link to your work would be great, if you don’t have any it doesn’t exclude you, you just might need some work in your early writing days. I have had hundreds of people write to me saying they were a good writer and it turned out they weren’t… so you might want to avoid that.
  5. Anything Else? Here’s your last chance to let us know what else to consider…

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