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It is not as though MGM was unknown before it came onto the legal sports wagering scene via its famed app. The company was already a long established brand in Las Vegas, and they decided to take things to the next level by bringing sports wagering to their app for use by people all over the country (where it is permitted). 

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Overall Impressions


Risk-Free Wager to Get Started

What would a sportsbook be without a risk-free wager to offer its newest customers? This is exactly what many of them do as a way of enticing people to stay loyal to them and get a little something in return. BetMGM is no exception in this regard. They currently offer a risk-free bet up to $1,000 on a first wager. Here is how it works: 

A new player opens an account
That play selects the risk-free bet promo
They deposit any amount (minimum $10, maximum for bonus $1,000)
The player receives a “risk-free” token equal to the amount of their deposit
The player may wager an amount up to that risk-free token amount using the token
If their bet wins, the keep the winnings and the token expires
If their bet loses, they receive free bets equal to the amount of the token to try again

The long and the short of this is that they are able to receive back their first wager in the form of free bets if that bet goes down in flames. That may given some players a little extra confidence to place their wager. There are other stipulations to keep an eye out for as well such as the fact that the bet that they place must be at odds of -200 or higher. 

States Where BetMGM is Licensed

There are a multitude of states that have legalized sports wagering via apps. The Supreme Court ruled that it would leave it up to the individual states to decide about if and when they would permit sports wagering. Many states have moved to do exactly that, and BetMGM is working quickly to make sure they are able to get their product into every state where they are legally permitted to do so. 

Here is a current list of states where BetMGM is licensed to operate, but keep in mind that additional states may be added soon: 

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • DC
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Many other states are eyeing adding legalized sports wagering to their state as well. They see the kind of tax revenues that such activities can generate, and they want to get involved with it as well. It makes sense that so many states would be excited about the potential to offer their residents something that they want to do anyway and collect some tax revenues along the way. 

What BetMGM Gets Right

Every sports gambler is unique and has their own preferences as far as what they want to see out of the apps that they use to wager. However, there are some themes from the BetMGM app that are complimented time and time again. The gambling public needs to pay attention to things like this so that they will know exactly what to expect from their wagering experience.

Wide Range of Sports to Wager on

There is never a lack of action on the BetMGM app. Even when the major sports in the United States are not actively in play, there is generally something that one can wager on at any time of the day or night. In fact, the app almost always has at least a few live events that can be wagered on all around the clock. The inclusion of international sporting events and less popular or unusual sports makes BetMGM a great provider of wagering activities no matter what ones preferred type of wager is.  

Weekly Free Bets

The company doesn’t just lavish their new players with free bets (although new players certainly get plenty of attention). They are also great about making sure to offer free weekly wagers for players who have been around for a while as well. The only place where this is not permitted at this time is the state of New York. However, all other locations where BetMGM is offered do have this offering. 

Generally, most players can at least access the Monday free bet club which gives players a free $10 wager on anything that they might want to gamble on. 

Live Streaming of Some Events

It is possible to live stream certain sporting events on the BetMGM app. Those who choose to do so can see their favorite players and teams in action as they are actively playing. In fact, this is one of the most exciting aspects of wagering on a sporting events for some people. They want to see the outcome of their wager determined in real time, and BetMGM makes it happen. 

Tight Margins

The casual player may not care as much about the profit margin of the sportsbook that they decide to use, but the more seasoned players will care about this a great deal. They need to make sure they aren’t giving up too much money to the sportsbook’s margins. BetMGM is credited with having some of the tightest margins of any of the sportsbooks that offer app wagering. 

Areas For Improvement

There are always going to be areas where a sportsbook can improve, and BetMGM also has some areas where it could stand to perform a little better for its customers. A few of the downfalls include the following: 

Not Enough Promotions

The weekly $10 free bets and the first deposit bonus are nice, but there are few promotions beyond those two things. Many players state that they feel that they are not being rewarded nearly enough for their constant and consistent play with BetMGM, and this is highly frustrating to many players. They like an experience where they can be rewarded more commonly, and they just don’t find it on BetMGM at the moment. 

Withdrawals May Take 2 Business Days

The length of time that it takes one to access their winnings is always a big deal for all wagering sites. BetMGM has some room for growth in this respect. Their current systems may take up to 2 business days to get players their money, and many people don’t like how long they have to wait around to potentially get their money. It is frustrating and it leaves some people running to other sites. 

Deposit Options

There are a multitude of ways for players to get their money onto the BetMGM site and app. The company tries to make it as easy as possible for players to get their funds onto the site when possible. They currently offer all of the following deposit options free of charge and with a $10 minimum deposit amount: 

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more)
  • PayPal
  • Pay Near Me
  • Skrill
  • Play +
  • Bank Transfers
  • E-Check

Players may run into some restrictions with deposits depending on the regulations put in place by their bank or credit card provider. There may also be some restrictions about the maximum amount that players are allowed to deposit at one time. That said, most find that they are able to get the amount of money that they would like placed onto the site without any major issues or hiccups. 

Withdrawal Options

Better and more fun than depositing is the withdrawal process. Players have a lot of choices here as well, though it may take between 2-7 business days to receive a withdrawal via certain methods. Here are the current withdrawal options presented to players at this time: 

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • E-Check
  • Play +
  • Check
  • Money Order

All of these withdrawal options are free of charge to the player. There may be a minimum withdrawal amount (usually $1) for certain methods to be processed. 

Great Features to Know About

There are a lot of excellent features on the BetMGM app that every player should know about before placing their first wager.

Early Cash Out

Getting nervous about the outcome of a wager already in progress? You may qualify for an early cash out on that wager. The early cash out option allows a player to collect some of their money back after they have already placed a wager. In other words, they can reclaim some of their money on a wager that appears to be working against them, or grab some guaranteed profit on a wager that seems to be headed their way. 

For example: If a player wagers $20 at -110 odds on the under of a basketball game and the teams start off slow, the cash out option may climb to $26 even if the game is still in the first half. A player may claim that money right now and lock in a guaranteed profit. They don’t even have to wait for the eventual outcome of the wager, and they don’t have to fret about it getting away from them. 

Live Betting

It used to be the case that a player would need to make sure they had their money down before the sporting event began. That has now changed. There are plenty of wagers that one can place while the game is already active and in play. The lines change with the flow of the game, and players are challenged to match their wits against the flow of the game to see if they can emerge victorious. It is a lot of fun, and it allows gamblers to have even more options for getting their wagers in. 

The Bottom Line on BetMGM

The conclusion that we ultimately come to on BetMGM is that they are a trusted name and a great app to use for sports wagering. The amount of markets to choose from to wager on is one of their biggest strengths as an app, and the ability to withdrawal and deposit via a number of different methods is yet another thing it has working in its favor. This is a great app for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. 

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