Georgetown University vs American Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23

Georgetown University vs American Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23 player photo
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In this exciting college basketball showdown, the American Eagles clash with the Georgetown Hoyas on November 19, 2023. Both teams are currently leading their respective conferences, setting the stage for an intense matchup. The American Eagles have shown promise with a 2-2 record as they are on a two-game winning streak after an 87-73 home win over the NJIT Highlanders, while the Georgetown Hoyas, despite a 2-2 record and are on a two-game losing streak after a 71-60 road loss against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, have displayed defensive prowess and strong rebounding. With the conference standings at stake, this game promises to be a thrilling contest.

Offensive Prowess 

The American Eagles, currently holding a 2-2 record, find themselves perched atop the Patriot League standings, which is a testament to their early-season success. Their offensive prowess has been on full display, averaging a solid 71.0 points per game. Spearheading their offensive charge is forward Matt Rogers, who has emerged as the team's leading scorer with a remarkable 15.2 points per game. Rogers' ability to create scoring opportunities and his proficiency in shooting have been instrumental in the Eagles' success. Furthermore, their field goal percentage stands at a commendable 42.7, reflecting their efficiency in converting field goal attempts.

However, the American Eagles face a challenge on the defensive end, as they have allowed opponents to score at a rate that needs improvement. Their average points allowed are not available at this time, but their defensive efforts will be pivotal in determining the outcome of games. On a positive note, they have excelled in the free-throw shooting department, boasting a percentage of 73.3%. This ability to capitalize on free-throw opportunities can prove invaluable in close contests.

In terms of shooting accuracy from beyond the arc, the American Eagles have room for growth, currently standing at a three-point percentage of 32.4. Additionally, their ability to secure rebounds has been a challenge, with a total of 32.3 total rebounds per game. Improving their rebounding performance will be crucial to gain an edge in the upcoming matchup. Defensively, Rogers has been the standout player, leading the team in steals with an average of 1.8 per game. However, their shot-blocking presence has room for improvement, as they are yet to establish a dominant force in this aspect of the game. In this game, the American Eagles will aim to leverage their offensive firepower while shoring up their defensive efforts to maintain their conference-leading position.

High-Scoring Potential

The Georgetown Hoyas, despite a 2-2 record, find themselves at the summit of the Big East Conference standings, showcasing their ability to compete at a high level. Their style of play is characterized by strong rebounding, with 41.0 total rebounds per game. Forward Supreme Cook has emerged as a dominant force on the boards, securing an impressive 9.7 rebounds per game, providing the Hoyas with crucial second-chance opportunities. Defensively, they have shown their ability to limit opponents' scoring opportunities, making them a formidable team to face. Their field goal percentage of 43.8 and three-point percentage of 34.6 highlight their efficiency in scoring, despite their record.

Leading the charge in scoring for the Hoyas is guard Jayden Epps, who averages an impressive 14.3 points per game. Epps' scoring prowess, coupled with the team's proficiency in shooting, indicates their ability to put points on the board efficiently. However, their free-throw percentage of 66.1 is an area that needs improvement, especially in tightly contested games where every point matters. On the defensive end, guard Wayne Bristol Jr. leads the team in steals with an average of 1.7 per game, showcasing their ability to disrupt opponents' plays and create turnovers. Blocked shots are another area where the Hoyas are yet to establish a dominant leader, as they currently lack a significant presence in this category.

In summary, the Georgetown Hoyas, despite their record, possess strong rebounding and defensive capabilities, which have allowed them to excel in the conference standings. Their efficiency in scoring, particularly in the paint and beyond the arc, makes them a tough team to handle. However, their free-throw shooting and shot-blocking need refinement to bolster their overall game. The upcoming matchup against the American Eagles will put these strengths and weaknesses to the test, and it promises to be a closely contested battle for conference supremacy.

David’s Pick - American Eagles 

For this matchup, I'm picking the American Eagles to secure the victory. Despite Georgetown's defensive strength and rebounding, the Eagles' offensive firepower is too impressive to overlook. With Matt Rogers leading the team in scoring and their ability to shoot efficiently from the field, I expect them to put up significant points. Georgetown's recent struggles, including a loss to Rutgers, raise questions about their consistency. The Eagles' recent wins against N.J.I.T. and Siena show that they are finding their rhythm. Furthermore, the Eagles have the advantage of playing at home, and their fans' support can provide an additional boost. If they can control the boards and limit Georgetown's second-chance opportunities, they should be in a good position to secure the win. Georgetown's low free throw percentage could also be a factor in a closely contested game. All these factors combined give the American Eagles the edge in this matchup, making them my pick to come out on top.

David Brown's Free Pick:American Eagles