Georgia Tech vs UMass-Lowell Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Georgia Tech vs UMass-Lowell Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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In a captivating early season matchup, the UMass Lowell River Hawks, with a 2-0 record, are set to battle the equally undefeated Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. As both teams converge on the court this Tuesday evening, the stakes are high and the atmosphere charged. With UMass Lowell's impressive offensive stats juxtaposed against Georgia Tech's balanced approach, this game promises to be a thrilling display of collegiate basketball prowess. 

 Early Season Dominance

The UMass Lowell River Hawks have surged into the new season with an unblemished record of 2-0. Their remarkable start is epitomized by a commanding field goal percentage, ranking 31st nationally at 53.5%. This shooting prowess extends beyond the arc, where they stand 169th with a 33.3% success rate in three-pointers. The early season shooting success of the River Hawks caused opposing offenses to second guess double-teams and switching.

Their offensive strength is further highlighted by their place in national rankings - 77th in points scored with 177 points accumulated over two games. Ayinde Hikim has been the biggest contributor of strong offensive display, leading with an impressive 20.0 points per game, complemented by his 4.5 assists and 3.0 rebounds. His efficiency is mirrored by his team's free throw accuracy, where the River Hawks hold a commendable 74th place with a 75.7% success rate.

The River Hawks are not just an offensive powerhouse; they also boast a robust defensive front. Quinton Mincey's 6.0 rebounds per game have propelled them to 45th in total rebounds per game at 42.5. Max Brooks, with 2.5 blocks per game, anchors a defense that's as formidable as their attack.

However, challenges lie ahead as they prepare to face a Georgia Tech team that shares their undefeated status. To maintain their winning streak, UMass Lowell must leverage their offensive efficiency and defensive tenacity, focusing on their field goal and free throw percentages to outscore the Yellow Jackets.

 Strength in Balance

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, matching UMass Lowell's 2-0 record, with a blend of balanced offense and sturdy defense. Although their field goal percentage (44.5%) ranks 193rd, they have compensated with a solid three-point percentage, standing 109th nationally at 36.2%.

Miles Kelly, averaging a phenomenal 26.0 points per game, leads their scoring charge. His scoring ability, combined with the contributions of Kowacie Reeves Jr. (15.0 PPG) and Tyzhaun Claude (14.5 PPG), forms the core of Georgia Tech's offensive threat. Despite a comparatively lower rebounding average of 34.0 RPG, placing them 206th, the Yellow Jackets have shown they can compete on the boards, with Claude pulling down 8.0 RPG.

Their free throw percentage, however, poses a concern. Ranking 297th at 61.1%, this could be a critical factor in a close contest when fouls are made down the stretch to regain possession. Georgia Tech will need to focus on improving this aspect to capitalize on scoring opportunities, especially against a team like UMass Lowell, which has shown efficiency in both offense and defense.

For the Yellow Jackets, the key to victory lies in exploiting their three-point shooting advantage and enhancing their free-throw performance. Their ability to maintain offensive balance while shoring up their rebounding and free-throw shooting will be crucial in this high-stakes matchup.

David's Pick: UMass Lowell River Hawks

In this showdown of the unbeaten, the UMass Lowell River Hawks hold a slight edge over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The River Hawks' superior field goal percentage (53.5%) and free throw accuracy (75.7%) position them to capitalize on scoring opportunities more effectively than the Yellow Jackets, whose lower field goal percentage (44.5%) and struggles at the free-throw line (61.1%) might hinder their scoring efficiency. Additionally, UMass Lowell's advantage in rebounding (42.5 RPG vs. Georgia Tech's 34.0 RPG) could prove pivotal in controlling the game's pace and securing second-chance points. Hence, my pick leans towards the River Hawks and the points, whose blend of offensive efficiency and rebounding strength gives them the upper hand in this compelling matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick: UMass Lowell River Hawks