Nebraska vs Stony Brook Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23

Nebraska vs Stony Brook Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23 player photo
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In the realm of college hoops, a fascinating encounter looms as the Stony Brook Seawolves (1-2) prepare to lock horns with the undefeated Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-0) on Wednesday, November 15 at 8:00 PM EST, aired on B1G+. The Seawolves are 1-2 and are coming off an 85-63 road loss agains the Duquesne Dukes while the Cornhuskers picked up a 64-50 home victory over the Rider Broncs. Stony Brook, seeking to even their record, will face a formidable Nebraska squad riding high on early-season momentum. This clash presents an intriguing mix of styles and strengths, setting the stage for a gripping contest.

Seeking Steady Footing

The Stony Brook Seawolves' early season has been a blend of potential and struggle. With a 1-2 record, they are in a position that belies their on-court challenges. Their scoring is averaging 76.0 points per game, highlights a critical area for improvement. This struggle is further underscored by their field goal percentage of 40.8 and a free throw percentage of 64.0, ndicating a need for more efficiency in shooting.

Defensively, Stony Brook has shown some promise, particularly through the efforts of forward Chris Maidoh, who leads the team with 3.0 steals and 0.3 blocks per game. These numbers suggest a defensive tenacity that, if harnessed effectively, could significantly bolster their game. However, the team's rebounding, averaging 37.3 total rebounds per game, is an area that needs fortification, especially against teams with stronger inside presence.

The Seawolves’ backcourt has been somewhat of a bright spot, led by guard Toby Onyekonwu, who averages 13.5 points per game. His scoring ability, combined with a notable 37.5% shooting from beyond the arc, provides Stony Brook with a reliable offensive option. However, the team’s overall three-point shooting efficiency, standing at 38.4%, while respectable, needs to be more consistently leveraged to compensate for their struggles inside the arc. To improve their record and make a significant impact in their conference, Stony Brook must address these shooting inefficiencies and bolster their rebounding, ensuring they can compete more effectively on both ends of the court.

Dominance in the Making

Nebraska's strong start to the season at 2-0, is a testament to their well-rounded team performance. Their 76.3 points per game might not turn heads, but it's their efficiency on the court that speaks volumes. They are grabbing an outstanding 38.7 total rebounds per game. This rebounding strength is a cornerstone of their game, providing them with numerous second-chance scoring opportunities and limiting opponents' possessions.

Forward Rienk Mast's contribution to the team cannot be overstated. Averaging 15.0 points and 11.7 rebounds per game, he is a dominant force in the paint and a key driver of Nebraska's rebounding supremacy. His shooting efficiency, with a 45.5 field goal percentage, makes him a reliable scoring option. Furthermore, Nebraska’s three-point shooting (36.2%) and field goal percentage (40.8%) are areas of consistent performance that support their offensive schemes.

Nebraska's defense is another aspect that complements their offense well. They aren't just about scoring and rebounding; they also do a commendable job in limiting opponents' scoring opportunities. This defensive solidity, combined with their ability to control the boards, puts them in a favorable position in most matchups. The Cornhuskers' balanced approach to the game, marked by efficient scoring, strong rebounding, and solid defense, makes them a formidable opponent in their conference. As they continue their season, maintaining this balance will be crucial for sustaining their winning momentum and making a deeper impact in the Big Ten.

David’s Pick: Nebraska Cornhuskers (-16.5)

Nebraska's game against Stony Brook presents an opportunity for them to showcase their early-season form. The Cornhuskers' superior rebounding ability, led by Mast, will likely dominate Stony Brook, which has been mediocre on the boards. Nebraska’s field goal and three-point percentages, though not outstanding, are sufficient to outdo Stony Brook, especially considering the Seawolves' struggles at the free-throw line. Stony Brook's hope lies in their three-point shooting, where they have a narrow edge. However, Nebraska’s defense, coupled with their ability to control the glass, will likely limit second-chance opportunities for Stony Brook. Unless Stony Brook can significantly improve their inside scoring and rebounding, Nebraska seems well-positioned to extend their winning run. Expect a game where Nebraska’s balanced attack and defensive solidity will prevail, capitalizing on Stony Brook's weaknesses to secure a comfortable victory.

David Brown's Free Pick:Nebraska Cornhuskers -16.5