Notre Dame vs Auburn Prediction Basketball Picks 11-16-23

Notre Dame vs Auburn Prediction Basketball Picks 11-16-23 player photo
Credit: USA Today Sports

In this exciting college basketball matchup, the Auburn Tigers will face off against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Both teams come into this game with identical 1-1 records and are looking to make a statement early in the 2023-2024 season. This clash promises to be a battle of determination and skill. Let's dive into the detailed analysis of each team and their key stats to get a better understanding of what to expect in this showdown.

Offensive Firepower and Defensive Presence

The Auburn Tigers have showcased their offensive prowess early in the 2023-2024 season, averaging an impressive 84.0 points per game. Their high-scoring ability has been spearheaded by Johni Broome, who not only leads the team in points per game with 17.0 but also dominates the boards with an impressive 11.0 rebounds per game. Broome's impact on both ends of the court is undeniable, as he boasts a field goal percentage of 50.0%, making him a reliable scorer in the paint. Additionally, his 75.0% free throw shooting adds to Auburn's offensive efficiency.

Beyond individual performances, Auburn's team statistics further solidify their offensive capabilities. They boast a 3-point shooting percentage of 39.2%, ranking 64th in the nation. This sharpshooting from beyond the arc provides the Tigers with an added dimension in their scoring arsenal. The ability to stretch the floor and create open looks from long range is a significant advantage, especially in close matchups. On the defensive side, Auburn has shown a strong presence in the paint, averaging 3.0 blocks per game. This rim protection can disrupt opponents' scoring attempts and create transition opportunities.

Looking ahead, Auburn's well-rounded game plan and offensive efficiency give them a strong outlook for the upcoming game. Their ability to score in various ways, whether through Broome's inside presence or their proficient 3-point shooting, poses a challenge for any opponent. Defensively, their shot-blocking prowess can deter Notre Dame's scoring attempts in the paint. 

Defensive Strengths and Offensive Challenges

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have kicked off the 2023-2024 season with a strong defensive presence, allowing an average of just 65.5 points per game. This impressive defensive performance has been instrumental in their early-season success. Markus Burton leads the team in scoring with an impressive 23.0 points per game, showcasing his ability to take charge on the offensive end. However, one area of concern for Notre Dame is their 3-point shooting, which ranks 310th in the nation with a percentage of 25.6%. Improving their long-range shooting efficiency will be crucial for their offensive balance.

While Notre Dame's 3-point shooting may need improvement, their field goal percentage of 44.1% is average, indicating their ability to convert shots in the paint. Additionally, the team is solid at the free-throw line, with a respectable 73.3% free throw shooting percentage. On the defensive side, Notre Dame has averaged 33.5 rebounds per game, showcasing their ability to secure possessions and limit second-chance opportunities for opponents. Their 1.5 blocks per game provide added rim protection.


David’s Pick - Auburn  -15.5

In this closely contested matchup, I'm giving the edge to the Auburn Tigers. They have showcased a high-scoring offense led by Johni Broome, who has been dominant in both scoring and rebounding. Auburn's ability to shoot well from beyond the arc and convert free throws efficiently gives them an advantage. Moreover, their defensive presence with an average of 3.0 blocks per game can disrupt Notre Dame's offensive rhythm. While the Fighting Irish have a strong defensive record, their struggles from long-range shooting might hinder their ability to keep up with Auburn's scoring pace. I predict that Auburn will secure the victory in this game, capitalizing on their offensive firepower and solid defensive play. Auburn's offensive prowess, with an average of 84 points per game, stands out as a key factor in my pick. Johni Broome's scoring ability and dominant presence on the boards provide Auburn with an edge. Their 3-point shooting, ranked 64th in the nation, gives them an advantage in perimeter scoring. On the defensive end, their 3.0 blocks per game can disrupt Notre Dame's offensive plays.

David Brown's Free Pick:Auburn -15.5