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Draftkings Best MLB Showdown Picks: Twins vs. Mariners 6/29/24

Draftkings picks and predictions for this evening's Twins vs. Mariners matchup.

Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners
June 29, 2024 10:00 pm EDT

Major League Baseball presents a matchup between the Minnesota Twins and the Seattle Mariners. Let’s take a look at this MLB game from a Draftkings perspective.

Before we dive into the Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners game let’s review the rules for the Draftkings single game showdown contest.

Draftkings Single Game Showdown Contest Rules

You have $50,000 to utilize on five players from either team. However, one of those players will be designated as your team captain. The captain accumulates 1.5 times the standard fantasy points. Additionally, the captain is 1.5 times the standard cost of the flex position.

The remaining four players in your lineup will receive the standard fantasy points. Having stated that, it is highly important for you to identify the correct player for your captain position if you hope to win a large field DFS GPP (guaranteed prize pool) showdown contest.

If you have additional questions regarding the rules for the single game showdown contest, I recommend that you check out the Draftkings website for more details.

*I recommend that all readers review the starting lineups for both teams prior to setting your DFS lineup for this one game slate.

Here are my Draftkings picks for tonight’s Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners matchup.

Draftkings Picks

Captain-Bryce Miller, Pitcher, Seattle Mariners $11,600

On Saturday night, Major League Baseball presents the second game of a three game American League series between the Minnesota Twins and the Seattle Mariners.

How are these two teams playing entering tonight’s MLB game? The Minnesota Twins arrive at tonight’s game with the Seattle Mariners on the heels of four wins in the team’s last six games played in the MLB regular season that culminated with a 13-6 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks two days ago. The Seattle Mariners have won two consecutive games, including a 5-2 win over the Tampa Bay Rays earlier in the week.

Now that we have determined how both teams are currently playing let’s turn our attention to tonight’s game. Seattle pitcher Bryce Miller has established himself as a valuable member of the Seattle Mariners starting pitching rotation this season. Having stated that, how has Bryce Miller been playing from a statistical standpoint? Let’s review Bryce Miller’s recent game data to answer that question.

In the 16 games that Bryce Miller has played for the Seattle Mariners in the 2024 MLB regular season, Bryce Miller has posted a 3.9 ERA (Earned Run Average), a 1.14 WHIP (walks, hits, inning pitched), and added 85 strikeouts while allowing 27 walks.

In conclusion, I am rolling with Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Bryce Miller as my captain for this one game MLB DFS slate.

Flex Plays

Carlos Correa, Shortstop, Minnesota Twins $9,200

Minnesota shortstop Carlos Correa has certainly been the leader that this Minnesota Twins lineup has needed to win games this season. Let’s take a look at Correa’s recent game data to better shed light on my previous statement. Minnesota shortstop Carlos Correa currently leads the Minnesota Twins in batting average (.312) and ranks second in total RBIs (runs batted in-40).

More recently, in Carlos Correa’s last five games played for the Minnesota Twins, Correa is hitting .375 with a double, a home run, three walks and four RBI (runs batted in).

I fully expect Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa to continue his outstanding play on the baseball diamond in tonight’s matchup with the Seattle Mariners.

Additional flex plays I like (Draftkings price noted): Pablo Lopez, Starting Pitcher (Minnesota Twins) $11,600: Carlos Santana, First Baseman (Minnesota Twins) $6,800: Julio Rodriquez, Outfielder (Seattle Mariners) $8,600: Will Castro, Second Baseman (Minnesota Twins) $8,200.

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