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3 Quarterbacks with an Easy Playoff Schedule in Fantasy Football

Here I will be predicting 3 Fantasy quarterbacks who will have an easy playoff schedule based off previous years, and roster changes made in the offseason

I know it seems way to early to predict the difficulty of players’ playoff schedule and you are probably right however I would rather get my thoughts out ahead of the draft rather than waiting until after the fantasy draft takes place to think about their playoff schedule. Here I will be naming 3 quarterbacks who I believe with thrive in the fantasy playoffs this season.

Note I am considering the fantasy playoffs as weeks 15-17 so if your league does not have the playoffs during these weeks than this list won’t entirely apply to you.

It is important to also note that this list is by no means saying these quarterbacks are must draft players, however I believe that these players would be solid players to consider drafting since I predict they will out produce what they are projected in the playoffs.

Brock Purdy

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Purdy had a great season last year, despite falling short in the Super Bowl. This year he should remain a solid quarterback option for teams that want to draft a qb late. Along with his solid play he will also have an easy schedule in the fantasy playoffs.

Purdy vs Rams

To start he will be going against the Rams in the first round of the playoffs. The Rams were ranked as the 5th easiest defense for quarterbacks last season, and with Aaron Donald retiring, it will be a lot easier for quarterbacks to play well against this team.

Purdy vs Dolphins

Following that, the 49ers will play against the Dolphins, who I think regressed on defense a lot more than the Rams, losing key pieces like Christian Wilkins, Xavien Howard, Jerome Baker, and Vic Fangio. This causes a defense that was already ranked 11th easiest defense against quarterbacks in fantasy, to become a lot softer in the upcoming year.

Purdy vs Lions

Finally, in the championship round, Purdy will go up against the Lions, who were ranked 6th in the easiest defense against quarterbacks last season. Overall Purdy despite not being a highly ranked fantasy quarterback can be a very good option in the playoffs this year. 

Dak Prescott

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dak is coming off debatably the best season of his career. Ignoring the disappointing ending to the season Dak played at an MVP caliber and was a very good quarterback in fantasy football as-well. This year he should play around the same level, and that mixed with his easy playoff schedule should bode well for fantasy managers. 

Prescott vs Panthers

To start, he will be facing off against the Panthers’ defense, which was tough on quarterbacks last year but just lost a big piece in Brian Burns. Although this wont make the Panthers a lack luster defense it should allow an easier time for quarterbacks than the prior year. 

Prescott vs Buccaneers

Following that, they will play the Buccaneers, who were ranked as a top 10 easiest defense in fantasy for quarterbacks, but when looking at games against opponents outside the NFC South, they allowed the second most passing yards of any team in the NFL.

Prescott vs Eagles

Finally, Prescott play the Eagles, who gave up the second most fantasy points to quarterbacks last year. In their two matchups last season Dak averaged around 27.4 fantasy points against the Eagles with zero interceptions. Although the Eagles did improve their defense in the draft this year, I don’t see them making a huge leap to stop Dak this season. 

Jayden Daniels

Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

This Commanders’ offense is looking very different from years prior, and one of the new pieces is rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels. Many are saying he could have a lot of upside as a fantasy quarterback and I am starting to see it, especially with the fantasy playoff schedule he was given this year.

Daniels vs Saints

To start the fantasy playoffs Daniels will be facing the Saints who were a decent defense last year, but they gained no game changers in the offseason. Although the start isn’t the easiest the schedule gets much easier.

Daniels vs Eagles

In week 16 he will be going against the Eagles, who, like mentioned earlier, gave up the second most points to quarterbacks last season, giving up an average of 22.3 points. Along with this the Eagles lost a key edge rusher in Haason Reddick and are going to be relying on a lot of younger players to step up on defense. Although the Eagles defense should improve with Vic Fangio being the coach I still see the Eagles letting up a lot of points on defense. 

Daniels vs Falcons

Finally, in the championship round, the commanders will be playing the Atlanta Falcons who were a middle-of-the-pack defense but allowed the second most rushing touchdowns to quarterbacks in the league last year. Which is important since Daniels is a dual threat quarterback so I expect him to get at least one rushing touchdown in that game.

Ethan Tucker

Ethan joined Sports Chat Place in 2024, but he has been playing fantasy football since elementary school. He has been able to garner 1st place finishes and hopes to help other win their leagues.

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