Sure Bets

Betting in the traditional way on one market always leaves us open to the possibility of defeat. In fact statistically, it’s almost certain for most bettors.

Even betting the hottest favorite cannot be considered a guaranteed way to make profit as any horse can break down and any referee can ruin a game that was otherwise going smoothly.

Sure betting though is a way of number crunching to take any risk out of betting altogether.

What Is a Sure Bet?

Sure betting is the suggestion of being able to make gambling profits from betting the difference between odds given by various bookmakers.

Naturally, betting every horse or every team in a market with one book will always mean a loss. This changes however when we back the best odds from a choice of sportsbooks with certain amounts of money and the regardless of the result, a profit can be guaranteed.

This process is also known as arbing and has involved people developing technology that can automatically place such bets.

Sure Bets – How Am I Guaranteed To Win My Bet?

Firstly to do this you will need to have opened an account with a lot of different sportsbooks. This will take time and most importantly money as many will require a deposit upon joining first time. You need to do this so that you are sure you will find the best odds available on every outcome within a certain race or event.

You will need to ensure you are using the biggest and best sportsbooks out there, those who update their odds live as you don’t want to believe you are getting 10/1 for a selection and then realise that the price changed to 8/1 moments ago.

Be aware of betting limits as to win your guaranteed bet you may need a specific amount of money on one selection, this could be a high amount to cover the losses on your other selections.

Find the best odds on every selection and bet them to varying amounts of money with the relevant sportsbook, making sure that no matter the result whichever one wins your return will more than cover losses on all the other selections. Profits on each event are small, but are guaranteed.

How Do I Place A Sure Bet?

I’m sure having read the above you are tempted but would find it incredibly hard to manually sort out a single event in order to make it profitable, especially with ever changing odds.

In this case technology is the way to go. Various schemes are easily found online that you can sign up to for a fee. This gives you access to the technology which will place all of your bets automatically across all bookmakers, locking in your profit.

With the arbing technology placing the bets is the easy part, simply let it do all the work for you. However, there are pitfalls to sure betting.

Bookmakers are wise to this in the main and once your name is marked as a sure bettor they retain the right to limit you or even refuse your bets altogether. Either outcome is not good, but until this happens you may be able to rake in some regular guaranteed profits.

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